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What is "general acupoint massage"?

Updated: Friday, Apr 23,2010, 4:07:30 PM
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"General acupoint massage" is a set of massage all over the body created according to long-term clinical experience and research into massage treatment. Among

the large number of acupoints, the most effective ones are selected and used in corrdination. Starting from the feet, moving along the meridians, to the head, the

back, and returning to the feet, massage manipulations such as digital pressing, fingertip tapping and hand rolling activate the acupoints, making all parts of the

body coherent and in connection with each other through a systen of acupoints. This improves the body's power of resistance to unhealthy external influences and leads to timely recovery of the ailing parts.

At first we used this massage as a supplementary treatment for patients convalescent from apoplectic hemiplegia and cardiovascular diseases. Later we performed

this massage regularly on patients with serious kidney disease and diabetes unresponsive to medicines. It has proved to be very effective. While experiencing

success over diseases of visceral organs and the circulatory system, we also have found the massage suitable to many other diseases such as scapulohumeral

periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, sciatica, and cervical spondylopathy.

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