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The six-step skin soothing massage methods

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 5:20:50 PM
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Pressure caused by the skin problem is not the form of a single out. Let us understand it more calmly deal with these attendant troubles.

Step one: reduce the pressure

His brow with the thumb finger gently pressing the top, sustained three seconds after release, and then right eyebrow to the hairline at the Regional Inter-repeated bottom-up massage action.

Step two: the elimination of tension

Gently press the temple with the index finger, sustained release of three seconds.

The third step: complete relaxation

Press gently with the index finger inside the corner of the eye area, continue to 3 seconds after release.

Step four: the promotion of micro-circulation

Starting from the lower jaw on both sides, with the index finger and middle finger, with a circular motion movements, gently massage the cheek, until the temple office to promote the face of blood running to enhance the skin's elasticity, can massage about 60 seconds.

Step five: to enhance the skin elasticity

The fingers close together, with the palm of your hand gently tapping the face, from top down, from the bottom, so that the skin under slight vibration, can be beat dozens of times. This method can maintain the skin's rosy gloss, increase its flexibility.

Step: Enhanced comfort

Palm gently pressing the cheek, and gradually outwards Anrou to the ear. Lobe after the depression known as the "parotid gland", where old and most likely to accumulate waste, with the middle finger press, and then  massage the neck of the ribs down.


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