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Teach you how to massage feet detoxification burning fat

Updated: Saturday, Feb 18,2012, 1:58:55 PM
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We know, foot has a body each viscera reflex zones, massage and stimulate your feet corresponding reflection area, can promote local blood circulation, detoxification burning fat, lose visceral fat, reduce weight and then reach the purpose of keeping in good health.

Massage foot

Make feet fold up mutual friction, accelerate the blood circulation, can be in a short time, strengthen the body light fat detoxification regimen efficacy.

Detoxification burning fat methods: supine on the bed or on the floor, raise the friction between the feet, if both hands simultaneously friction effect is better. As long as 20 times or so friction force can, in about two minutes. This method also helps to sleep.

Knock the soles of the feet

Every night before sleeping with his fist striking the foot, can eliminate a day of fatigue, promote the whole body blood circulation, the viscera function that discharge poison enhancement, to speed up the speed of light fat.

Detoxification burning fat methods: the sole of the foot even as the center, the rhythmic, with a slight sense pain for degrees, each foot control 100 times, sports completed in about two minutes.

Knead toes

Because memory is related with the cerebellum, and the little toe is the cerebellum reflex zones, so the little toe knead to help strengthen the memory.

Detoxification burning fat methods: use both hands caught the big toe feet, to do circular knead, several times every day, every two minutes.

Feet shook

Move your feet, can promote blood circulation, burning fat, reduce weight to purpose, at the same time, also helps to improve sleep, keeping in good health to tranquilize the nerves.

Detoxification burning fat methods: supine on the bed or on the floor, let both feet in the air, shaking like on a bicycle and make feet rotation. For two minutes.

In addition to massage foot health outside, still can choose to walk barefoot of health preservation methods. This is because the sole of the foot even heart is to keep the balance of the important parts of the human body, barefoot walk as far as possible let palm be stimulated, can try to go pebble road, or in the home to a round table with connect the mat. Insist on two minutes.

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