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Self-massage treatment of insomnia

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 5:25:13 PM
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Insomnia is often not enough time to fall asleep, or difficulty falling asleep, light it difficult to fall asleep and sleep fitfully in heavy who did not sleep all night. Minds of many because of excessive labor Yat disorders, physically weak after the illness, lack of qi and blood biochemistry can not be due to cultivation. Are presented in several clinically effective, easy to learn massage methods.

     Wipe Amount: The two fingers, QU Cheng-bow, the second section refers to the inner side close to Yin-Tang, from the eyebrows to the forehead and both sides of the wiping about 40 times or so.

     Anrou back of the head: The two-handed thumb rib face, tight according to the wind pool, forced rotation Anrou, followed by Anrou back of the head, about 30 times or so. Suanzhang is appropriate.

     Rub bath surface: first hands rub, followed by palm close to the forehead, forced down to rub into the lower jaw, a row 10 times.

     Massage auricle: Human torso and internal organs are in ear parts of a certain reaction, massage it helps to regulate body functions.

     Beat Zusanli: The points outside of the knee bone 10 cm (ie, between the tibia fibula), beat them to those Suanma bulge can be felt.

     Foam Zuta Stone: Take some small gravel in water and pelvic floor, pour boiling water until the water hot, and placing both feet on the pot, bubble Zuta stone for 20 minutes. To do every night before bed time, a long time insisted that insomnia does not taking medication.

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