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Massage strength heavier better?

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 4:48:46 PM
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Many different types of massage, and its force be summed up in pressure, friction, vibration, force, tension of four. A means for the basis of a force-based, but also includes a number of other forces. Under normal circumstances, the way force proportional to the intensity and tactics, and force-point area is inversely proportional to the way intensity is the force per unit area suffered size. As for the human organism to stimulate the external forces bearing capacity of the largest, called the tolerance or pain threshold. Different individuals, or different parts of the same person have different tolerance. The same person, the same position in the massage process, the tolerance is also constantly changing. Initial acceptance of massage, such as people who can not adapt to certain parts of the approach stimulus, its tolerance is relatively low. After a few massage techniques, adaptable to enhance their endurance can be increased gradually. In addition, by massage the mental state and physical conditions of tolerance also have a certain impact. Mental stress, psychological timid, weak physical persons, tolerance is relatively low; while sane, thought scattered, strong-willed, strong physical persons, tolerance is relatively high.

Massage during the normal sense of the Suanzhang should have a certain sense, if there is tingling or pain that is unbearable, and even screaming out of the case are unusual, and most likely has caused soft tissue contusion and subcutaneous hemorrhage then might not see obvious symptoms, but the next day the symptoms will be displayed. So, you should pay attention, do not blindly accept such a "heavy" approach massage, even to other places after the massage, but also tell about the way the masseur, "uniform, strong, soft, deep penetration" and "light instead of floating, weight without hysteresis; soft in the band had just, just the clip soft "and so on, and so is the" advanced massage "approach. In general, if Suanzhang sense of when massage is normal, but if the pain got worse until the can not stand it should stop immediately.

Finally, the massage not a substitute for fitness exercises. A truly comprehensive health care, or take part in more physical labor or sports. In addition, not all people are suitable for massage, non-formal massage is likely to result in serious consequences. Such as cervical massage is best not to readily do so, otherwise likely to cause symptoms get worse or even paralysis. Menstrual period and pregnancy, if the blind acceptance of massage, it is highly likely to lead to serious troubles. Therefore, the normal fatigue when the movement is still doing well, such as playing badminton, jogging, swimming, gymnastics and so on the radio.

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