Massage health effects: weight loss, beauty, hairdressing


Massage: health massage is a human disease and death struggle with produce developed a health approach, in our country has a long history, is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation. Health Massage for the past, present, or in the future, for people in physical fitness, longevity, there has been very useful.

Massage in the human body surface is a proper-dimensional movement of a health care approach. Operation of its facilities means a lot, gentle movements, the use of flexible, easy operation, a wide scope of application, regardless of gender and age, physical strength, with or without symptoms, can adopt different tactics Shi operation to carry out massage. Now, some people self-care according to Zhang knowledge to conduct self-care massage; some people to carry out health-care massage massage; some people please go to residential or hotel masseuse massage. So far, people can enjoy massage though many, but not yet widespread, this is because some people massage the role of health care is also lack of knowledge, In addition, one of the reasons is the lack of masseurs. I believe in the future as people become increasingly spiritual and material life of the rich and massage into the thousands of families will become the contents of people's everyday lives and health needs.
Slimming massage: Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat in the human body caused by body weight than normal for more than standard body weight of the 2O%. Leading causes of obesity, most people think of family genetics, exercise less, and high-fat diet with a large amount of the. Over the years, obesity has plagued people's lives, but also in the world today to talk about more a hot topic. Many medical scientists at home and abroad are devoted to the study of the causes of obesity, with a view to finding a both effective and safe way to lose weight without pain, but little progress. In recent years, our society, a variety of weight-loss methods have emerged, such as the Chinese and Western medicine to lose weight, surgical weight loss, diet, starvation diet to lose weight, and qigong to lose weight, exercise to lose weight, acupuncture weight loss, massage and weight losing weight and Italian pepper. Including massage slimming diet as a unique approach not only has good results in weight loss, but also Shutong meridians, promoting blood circulation of qi, there is no adverse effects on the human body, has gradually been recognized.

Through the practice of recent years confirms that massage can consume a lot of blood vessel wall and removal of lipid material, expansion of capillaries, increasing blood flow, improve microcirculation, not only reduces the burden on the heart, but also help enhance the body's disease resistance. Therefore, massage weight loss surgery can achieve weight loss purposes, but also to enhance physical fitness, is suffering from obesity at an early date and resume fit body and a good way to choose.

Beauty Massage: Beauty massage technique in a long time ago is widely used and have been proven to be effective science and practice of beauty methods. In the reform and opening up, enlivening today, it is the pursuit of beauty is more intense, with the economic development and people's living standards, beauty saddle Morocco has been moving toward society, into the family, as people, especially women, to protect the skin bodybuilding, anti-aging living needs. Present all over the country have been successively set up a "salon," "beauty school", "Beauty Association", etc., for people to beautify the life of adding a new luster.

     Beauty massage is through massage facial beautification. Life is movement, the skin has not? Massage is to stimulate and nourish the skin of the most positive way, both to make rough skin smooth and soft recovery, but also delay the appearance of facial wrinkles, so that has emerged shallow wrinkles, fewer and prevention and control facial pigmentation, delaying the appearance of senile plaques.

Hair Massage: Amy's heart, in everyone. A beautiful clouds, black, shiny and elastic hair, soft and elegant envy. However, if the lack of maintenance. Will cause hair to become dry, bifurcation, discoloration, dull, or even cause serious hair loss, so that people feel uneasy. Is well known that hair growth and maintenance depend entirely on the scalp of the blood supply of nutrition, therefore, it is good with the bad hair, played a decisive role in a person's total health, but just have the massage salon has the following two aspects of the role of First, through the salon massage can promote blood circulation of the scalp, giving hair growth and maintenance increase more and better nutrients; second head meridians concentration of acupoints clouds, and the brain, organs, blood Jieyou close relationship, through the massage, not only to clear the blood, regulating yin and yang, and can wither the human body section of the functions of various organs, promote human health, and thus for the maintenance of hair growth and provides favorable conditions.

Body Massage: People After a day's work of labor, whether in spirit or in body, fatigue is very common, such as emotional tension, confused, muscle aches and so on. If you simply rely on relaxed rest, can not completely eliminate fatigue quickly, which not only affects the second day of work and study, often this will also continue to affect human health or even disease, at this time, if a hot bath, and then to systemic or local massage, can contribute to systemic blood circulation, so that the various tissues and organs of the body adequate nutrition, not only quickly to eliminate fatigue, as well as to increase muscle strength and skin elasticity, anti-aging effect. Therefore, massage bath has been loved by more and more and more people. Body massage is a massage is an integral part of the surgery. Despite its origin in China, but in the current situation, Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, has developed rapidly. Bath massage Xing Yang from abroad are: jet shower massage, air massage bath, mud baths and sand baths massage, as well as most people still can not, and the space bath massage. The massage mode is not widespread in our country, only in an embryonic stage, yet to be future development. In China, massage bath means "bath" in the so-called "Bath", or steam bath after the massage indoors. Bath massage Shi surgery techniques commonly used by the heavy to light kneading, flutter, jitter, shaking, pushing pressure, tapping and other techniques, so that affected patients as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue and promote its early fall asleep.

Travel Massage: Tourism is a favorite activity of everyone. It can give people an eye-opener, an increase of knowledge and dispel worries, enhance physical fitness, and character cultivation and so many advantages. Since reform and opening, China's beautiful natural scenery, ancient historical sites, attracting a large number of foreign tourists. In China, along with changes in lifestyle and material improvements in living standards of people travel increases every year, promoted the rapid development of China's tourism industry. These are for the conduct of tourism has provided favorable conditions for massage services. Tourism massage is the tourism industry indispensable component. In China, tourism massage carried out relatively late, many of whom are still unfamiliar with this. In fact, travel massage massage is a branch of health care to health care mainly for tourists in the tourism activities in the provision of health massage service, timely prevention and treatment occur in a small number of tourists in the tourism issues. If travel occurs during the motion sickness, seasickness, motion sickness, as well as a result of jet lag, the environment, the plateau climate, lifestyle changes such as a result of chest tightness, insomnia, poor appetite, indigestion, abdominal distension, diarrhea, vomiting and other "acclimatized" symptoms, although medication can ease the discomfort caused by the above-mentioned symptoms, but the effect is slow and side effects, impact and consumption of tourists spirit and physical strength, it is difficult to enjoy the fun of travel. In recent years, people began to take a fixed method of massage and posture to eliminate the discomfort caused by tourism, so that they always maintain the best condition of the body to fully enjoy the joy of travel. Therefore, tourism massage deeply welcomed by the people, the development of broad prospects.

Full-body massage
Full-body massage is a massage using relaxation techniques, massage in the patient's body, can eliminate fatigue and ease tension, sparse muscle vibrant, Shu-shen to mention the body. After massage, the body can people feel relaxed, comfortable and refreshing.

     Full-body massage Shi operation sequence: supine position, head and face --- Department of ---- chest ---- upper abdomen, lower extremities ---- Department, transfer prone position, head and neck ---- back ---- waist ---- Department ---- feet lower limbs. In the body massage, but also according to customer's physical condition and asked to select a partial health-care massage, or partial conditioning. General body massage is 45 minutes, the local health-care massage is 30 minutes, I set north and south massage hospital characteristics, according to common and frequently-occurring disease prevention and health needs of push, take, roll, beating, kneading and other types of practices rational arrangement of up to 60-minute full-body massage routine, because of the infiltration, and the pace smooth, comfortable and relaxed, while welcomed by the customers. Full-body massage is very wide scope of application, that where a mental, physical, excessive exercise, travel, or a long time to fatigue caused by computer operation; the whole body caused by a variety of factors, discomfort, such as headache, dizziness, limb pain , strong neck pain, back pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, Cha Qi, insomnia, abdominal distension, dysmenorrhea, dyspepsia, colds all belong to the scope of massage.

Light Therapy Bath Therapy
Steam bath - is what we often call a "sauna" is a kind of city people like bath method, but also a good way of self-cultivation care bath body. People are hot and humid air, transpiration, the Cou science, nose and mouth at the same time feel, the outside skin and inner organs inside, have been the virtue, both air-l-fat yang excited, but also Ziyin Runzao, Lee water swelling, there is to reconcile Camp Wei sedative effect. Medicine is now confirmed that the steam bath on the human factor is the role of high-temperature and air humidity and cold air or cold water stimulation of the double impact. It can promote the body's metabolism, speed up blood circulation, improve breathing and cardiovascular system function, fatigue and help to restore damaged tissue repair, and have a moderating effect on the nervous system.

Medicated bath - is added to the water in the bath or Jiantang drug infusion, or direct the body with herbal steam bath, or Fumigation lesion fitness method is a distinctive method of Chinese medicine health, medicine bath in the beauty has a very important status. In addition to the water bath when the drug itself, the physical and chemical effects (primarily warm effect), the main effect of drugs on the human body. Aqueous solution of the active ingredients of drugs, from the surface, and respiratory mucosa into the body, can play Shu flow of qi and blood circulation, dispels wind and cold-dispelling, Qingrejiedu, Qushi itching effect and so on. Modern pharmacological studies have also confirmed that the smell of drugs into the human body, can increase blood levels of certain immune globulin to achieve the physical fitness of the disease control purposes.

Bath Spa also includes the use of light in the infrared, ultraviolet radiation on the human body surface, to regulate the human body, to the role of health care body light therapy; the use of contained salts, organic matter, colloidal substances on the skin penetration of the human body play a role in vivo The sand bath and so on methods.

In short, bath therapy can promote blood circulation, regulating nervous system function, regulating the human body, within the information and bio-energy, promote metabolism, improve immune function. Hospital health center based on the theory of TCM, the use of modern equipment - light waves acupuncture treatment room and bath facilities, the newly added balneology health projects are welcome to want a healthy body of your visit, we will wholeheartedly serve you so that you to achieve satisfactory health effects.

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