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In the massage should pay attention to indications and contraindications

Updated: Friday, Dec 09,2011, 4:03:34 PM
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Indications, Contraindications and Points for Attention in Tuina
Chinese tuina is an external therapy with systematic unique rules under the guidance of the theories of yin-yang, five elements, zang-fu, meridians, qi, blood and body fluid in TCM. It conducts diagnosis, examination and treatment of diseases by employing the four diagnostic methods of inspection, auscultation and of action, inquiring and palpation and in combination with modern medical knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the human body. Here is a brief introduction of indications,contraindications and points for attention in tuina.

Tuina therapy has extensive indications in many kinds of diseases involving osteonosus and traumatism, internal, gynecological, pediatric, eye, ear, nose and throat,and neurological departments. Nowadays, its indication has expanded into the areas of reducing weight, cosmetology, therapeutic health care, etc.

There have been some induction and summary of contraindications in tuina from the past dynasties. Here are mainly some diseases or injuries, which tuina therapy must not be applied to.
Areas with open soft tissue injuries and wounded portions, which are bleeding.
All kinds of fracture in the early stage.
Local areas injured by dermatosis.
Diseases with hemorrhagic tendency such as going down of blood coagulation mechanism and hemophilia,and acute stage of visceral hemorrhage such as hemorrhage of the upper digestive tract, splenic rupture.

 Acute infectious diseases such as virus hepatitis,pulmonary tuberculosis, bacillary dysentery.
Critical diseases of the heart, brain, liver, kidney and other viscera.
Women during menstruation and pregnancy, whose abdomen and lumbaosacral portion tuina manipulations producing strong stimulations should not be applied to.
Apart from the above contraindications, the following points should also be paid attention to in tuina practice.
Tuina doctors should trim their fingernails regularly and keep their hands clean and warm in winter. While operating, they should not wear rings. In the operating, a therapeutic towel should be used to prevent injuring patient's skin or muscles.
In the course of tuina, the massagists should observe and inquire about the reaction of the patient all the time and regulate the force of the manipulations so as to obtain good result of tuina by performing even, mild and persistent manipulation.
In tuina treatment, syncope should be avoided for those who are hungry or have just finished violent sports. Once sensations such as dizziness, dim eyesight, severe palpitation with deficient perspiration occur to the patient, manipulations should be stopped immediately.
Meanwhile have the patient lie down, drink some warm sugar water and press and knead acupoints Hegu (LI 4),Neiguan (PC 6), Zusanli (ST 36) and so on.
Generally, treatment is given to chronic diseases every other day, while for acute cases daily treatment is often applied. Uncomfortable sensation caused by heavy manipulations may relieve spontaneously in 1 to 3 days. And the doctor should also modify his or her manipulation to adapt to the case's conditions.

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