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Children health care tuina

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 4:46:01 PM
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Pediatric massage is a pediatric disease-free cases, depending on the physiological characteristics of children and the use of massage methods designed to help children with growth and development and overall coordinated development.

Pediatric massage, including conservation, strong, correct the three categories of practices, its operation has a way of light, with fewer points, points yin and yang, cold and heat unbiased method is simple, a longer course of treatment, efficacy and toxic side-effects of a slow, painless, safe and reliable, etc. features, easy-to-be parents and children accepted. Clinically, as long as patience, persistence carried out by treatment of pediatric health care massage, it will achieve remarkable results, promote children's healthy development.

Children with the Department of spleen and stomach diseases and lung disease, mostly, it introduces the spleen and stomach in this law and strong lungs Wei method.

Spleen and stomach France
Objective: a strong stomach function, to promote growth and development of children.

Spleen territories: Pitu is located in the radial side of thumb from the fingertips to refer to the root. Operation, bent thumb, along the radial side of thumb from the fingers into the geo-refers to the root, about 500 times.

Transport within the gossip: The palm of the hand center center of a circle to center of the circle to the middle finger root stripes and about 2 / 3 radius of a circle along the circle to push for transportation once shipped a total of 300 times.

Knead Zusanli: Tsusanli located outside the 3-inch below-knee, tibia about a horizontal lateral means. Operation Anrou points on both sides of the 300. This hole is replenishing Yao Xue, a strong of power, can treat all weak disorder, such as the development of poor, dull brown hair, muscular thin, enuresis, urine turbid, waist acid Tuiruan so.

Moroccan belly: children take supine position, patients who refers to palm or four feet close together and set the abdomen in children, according to the abdomen clockwise rubbing friction 500 times.
Chiropractic: children get prone position and exposed spine, first with the food, the 2 refers to the spine on both sides of the top-down gently Anrou 2 ~ 3 times, then OK chiropractic 3 ~ 5 times, and finally with both hands thumbs Pishu, Shenshu Feishu the re-financing, etc., under 3 to 5 in order to enhance efficacy.


1. Usually in the early morning when fasting.
2. Each operation takes longer, and long-term adherence, the effect Flocity.
Lung Wei Qiang France
Objective: To enhance the lung function and enhance resistance to external evil to prevent exogenous disease.
Qingfei by: Lung Meridian is located in ring finger thread noodles. Operation, since the distal finger into the fingertip, about 500 times, can Bufei solid form. Exogenous Zhu Zheng, the total should Zhi Fei, Yi Qing's.

Knead foreign workers Palace: Palace of foreign workers in the palm of your hand on the back of the first metacarpal junction depression of 3,4. Operation, Anrou this hole 300. This points to the law on behalf of warm cave, a warm nature of things that can be warm inside and cold-dispelling, warm through the pain, regardless of cold inside and outside the cold, cold, and meridians of the organs of the cold, can be by the.

Su Lung: Shuang Zhang kidnapped children one after thoracodorsal, from top to bottom, followed by lightly rubbing the earthquake wiped film push about 5 ~ 10 times. This method directly on the lungs, the lungs through the shock, can effectively Xuanfei phlegm.

Kai Xuan kei: suan ji, also known as the chest, suddenly the next day an inch. Operations including the four steps, starting with the suan ji caves along the intercostal space from top to bottom, left and right sides points to push, and then from the dove tail points straight down to the navel push, clockwise Moroccan abdomen, in the final push down from the navel to the lower abdomen. The whole operation is once again operate a total of five times. This method of descent, one can of coke onto the gas down, as long as gas counter, can use it.
Rub the wind pool, wind House: Feng-chi points on the occasion of a later major depression in the lateral tendon. Fengfu points in the middle after the hair straight up one-inch Office, after entry in the middle sag. Operation, the rub rub 10 times. Solution may be sweating table, Xingnao soothe the nerves, Zhen Jing expectorant. Chang Feng-chi can help prevent the common cold kneading, Xingnao eyesight.

1. Generally desirable early in the morning, once daily.
2. Peacetime dress not to be too heavy.
3. Diet, not too cold greasy food thing.
4. Guide the children to do more physical exercise.

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