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Updated: Tuesday, Sep 29,2009, 4:40:15 PM
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 Direct contact with the common misunderstanding of Taiji is  common than an exercise in slow motion in the scientific literature. From Article 90 or the studies were published in journals since 1980, does not mention a single sitting and standing meditation exercises Qigong one institution is not only of Taijiquan but all internal martial arts of China. As Laoshi Yang, in his book, Chinese martial arts has always been involved in the tradition of secrecy. During the slow practice is undoubtedly cornerstone of approved training Taijiquan Taiji, is only one aspect of art.

Meditation exercises lasting more  secret , but little information has been disseminated, how and why the meeting and standing meditation exercises are an essential basis of all the internal systems of martial arts. The traditional way of not providing the basis Motion carried by sitting and standing meditation is often referred to as  foreigners  or  empty .

It is likely that the proper procedure to measure the health of the most sedentary or  improve vulnerable groups, which often include academic groups. It is also true that the slow movements can create a choreography Taiji is particularly suitable for certain population groups. Without However, it is accepted that the traditional benefits of good practice in the curriculum of Taiji is much higher than can be obtained from any narrow understanding, poor technology. A discussion of the interconnections and interdependence of the various exercises of Taiji, instances and mechanisms to ensure the benefits of practicing Taiji is the latest book by Dr. Yang is available.

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