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What are the key requirements for releasing energy?

Updated: Friday, May 14,2010, 10:47:23 AM
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Energy release is a very important part of Taiji training in Chen Style. It has great benefits for your practice, however, there is the potential risk of damaging your body's joints and accidentally blocking your internal circulation

if you do it incorrectly. So, the following are the requirements for practitioners to remember.

1) Relax your body and start with soft and gentle movements.
2) Root yourself on the ground properly.
3) Use your waist as a central axis.
4) Limbs are led by your waist and the strength starts from both feet, passes into both of your legs, then distributes to the shoulder and finally reaches both your fists for the strike.
5) Free your breath and let it go with your energy release at the same time.
6) Do not use stiff strength at all.

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