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Taiji From Medical Viewpoint

Updated: Friday, Mar 27,2009, 12:58:21 PM
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Taiji is a part of the tradition of martial arts, known as Wu Shu. It has been exercised since the 16th century between the Chinese people to hold the body in good condition and prevent or cure disease. The exercises were simplified in 1956, making this sport even more popular. Taiji is often used as an important part of the healing process in hospitals and has been extremely successful in curing hypertension, neuratenia and pulmonary tuberculosis. 

       From the viewpoint of sports medicine s Taiji is an important means of prevention and treatment of disease. Both the body and mind are requested at the same time, these exercises stimulate the cortex by the activation of certain brain regions and delaying other parts. This allows the brain to relax and judgments of the tension on the cortex, which is different provoqued bad influences. 

The positive aspects of Taiji can be traced back to its specific character f. e. exercises require concentration while the mind is not diverted by something, and all movements are slow and float on a continuous basis, as well as breathing is necessary. Some parts of these exercises are performed while breathing into the stomach. Breath is in harmony with the rhythmic movements of the body. 

      Therefore, this sport is part of the healing process of various diseases of the nerves and soul. However Taiji is not a panacea against the mysterious disease. But even for beginners, it is obvious that Taiji requires the entire body - active and passive. Doing exercises muscles are worked on a pleasant way, and from tension to relaxation especially the leg muscles are required by bending and stretching.

      Taiji is an excellent way to strengthen bones, and - accordingly - to avoid muscle atrophy. The flexibility of the entire body is formed by the gentle movements. That is why the flexibility of joints and flexibility of muscles is held in place and / or improved.

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