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Chen Style Taijiquan practice the most important question is what?

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 06,2011, 1:53:28 PM
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What are the most important issues for people practicing Chen Style Taiji?
A: In general, the following tips are highly recommended for Taiji practitioners:
1) Relaxation;
2) Softness balanced with hardness;
3) Circling movements;
4) Flexibility;
5) Quiet and calm;
6) Smooth and continuous movements;
7) Coordination;
8) Sensitivity of foot work -- "Walk as a cat to catch the mouse";
9) Light body movements;
10) Flick movements with elastic and shaking energy release.

Does it matter when the arm and shoulder muscles feel sore?
A: That is fine and it is a good sign. It means you have exercised well. You feel pain because the muscles you use in Taiji are different from those you use normally. For example, nobody will normally hang their arms in mid air for as long as you do when practicing Taiji exercises. Also, nobody will squat down that deep, shifting their weight between two legs. Therefore, different types of muscles are involved during the exercise. It is similar to when you are climbing a mountain and you feel sore muscles afterwards. All I can say is,

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