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Attention should be practicing tai chi

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 3:14:31 PM
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Real Taijiquan, including three for one (Hun Yuan as a whole) is the essential attribute - is the financial Taijiquan frame (Taolu moves), Tai Chi Kung surgery (miscellaneous and internal strength), Tai Chi thinking (Taiji wisdom) as one of the boxing school system. Therefore, to really master tai chi, not simply learn a few even learned Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi routine, and also must have integrity, hair like and refined an understanding of the operation within five literacy Cai Xing. These five qualities are the essence of Taijiquan explore further the basis for the foundation. It can be seen, tai chi is not just illnesses and physical health of the patients, but also more than a "Santa does not cure disease" of the immunity of the Essentials of temper, one is filled with the success of Chinese traditional cultural atmosphere and psychology .

The first major accomplishment: Integrity

The author's friends in Hong Kong the right to learn tai chi-chi, chairman of Mr. Tan, his teacher said that now is the popular Tai Chi Tai Chi has three categories: One is promising realm; the second is whether the realm; the third is non-action realm , you learn what? he asked, what kind of tai chi is the best? teacher replied: "inaction realm of shadow boxing!" As a result, Mr Tam Erhuameishuo immediately into the realm of routine promising tactics go, and direct access to non-action realm of shadow boxing school training. Why choose inaction and promising to set aside the realm of shadow boxing, because he said the words of the teacher very sincere belief, there is no distinguish heart.

"Sincerity" and how to write? A word next to the words, a successful as a talk on the success, and this is sincere - do things on their own strength to do in order to make things succeed. The key to success is a very single-minded spirit. From the inside out is the same, your mind and a special, one-cheng, put the power of consciousness through the up. Consciousness of the forces, including God, Italian, gas, but also shape - in a word, it is to God, Italian, gas, shape all the focus on up.

Used to say "heart" of the role of Xin-cheng, a word to become. In practice is that, in speaking before interested in and then there are words and ideas have only to say words, ideas, and sound combines together. If the "heart", this awareness is not very specific, what a mess there, it Buxing Liao. Confucianism in the "Doctrine of the Mean," talked of "sincerity to the Prophet," if sincere heart, things did not come, we can know.

Good faith belief that the essence of Taijiquan Probe into the spirit of the first quality.

The second-largest Literacy: determined

The 20th century, 80 years have a film called "Shengai", mainly the performance of the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan Yang Lu, founder of Zen boxing story. Yang Lu Zen fist time, an apprentice begin to Henan Chenjiagou, Master think he did not admit his poor condition, but also found a few teachers are not OK, they are back Chenjiagou, loading dumb, every day Chen the door to eat, and the gatekeepers of the old man got to know each, and late sleep in the doorway. A heavy snow was frozen in a coma for the world, Chen put him shelter, and when a dumb Pan raises. His sweeping day, buying things, serving people, lying in the wall at night to the backyard to see Touzhuo Chen taijiquan. After the reading had to themselves, they fear being seen during the day did not dare to practice, may practice Touzhao night. Therefore, he was walking all day and sometimes stumble trapped. One day a human being becomes seen practicing Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands ecstatic, and lost I cried "good"! Been caught. When martial arts is to steal someone's executed. Chen disciples has been argued to assassinate him, it was argued digging the eyes, some people think we should point Yaxue.

Chen's master asked him how he's going, he took out a letter of recommendation written in the past, the teacher shows the whole story, after checking it's true, the owner exclaims: "Ruzaikejiao!" Chen had been closed, no Shou Tu Later, exceptionally accept it with him. He learned of the boxing stolen road a show, really amazing, they're actually more than the Chen Kung Fu disciples - the last Tai Chi Chuan Yang Lu Chan became the only history of the "Young invincible" and "soft 13 not sticky."

Yang Lu Chan Why can achieve such a success, the key is that he has a desire to learn tai chi. Desire a certain down, it will generate power of action. Therefore, we explore the essence of tai chi research, when it should be made a desire to learn well. Learn from the success point of view, is determined to set goals. I learned from the internal strength tai chi, tai chi water-based point of view, before action is determined to be a "prior intention", learning boxing before targeting.

The third-largest Literacy: Sharpen

The most famous example is the story of the Sixth Patriarch of Zen. The Sixth Patriarch of this is firewood, and home bitter, only an old mother and gave her firewood, selling money to buy food, to feed the old mother. Once the Sixth Patriarch heard people chanting "Diamond Sutra", find it interesting, just like his old mother to go to study Buddhism, the mother let her son went to a monk. The Wuzu there, and Wuzu right a few words, Wuzu one, these people have a known source. On told him: rice to go. Rice's work done 8 months, during which experienced a number of physical and mental suffering, Wuzu put the mantle passed to him.

Not only the enlightenment of the Sixth Patriarch, but also repair a Gordon Youde, it is dry dry Leihuo come呀! The Sixth Patriarch Tsuishine 8 months Chung very hard, because the Sixth Patriarch not tall, weight lighter tread Tsuishine vertebral pressure does not go on, it must be tied to his waist stone will; but he has done 8 months, eating a lot of pain, exercise a strong willpower, your skills will become.

In fact, the ancients practiced martial arts to a certain extent, that they will by doing something to sharpen physical and mental; the only way to temper the strength of will come out.

Several teachers Shoutu Di I have a lot of things like the selection of experienced people, because they have experienced life, tempered, relatively strong strength of will, emotional stability, and tai chi martial arts can be trained in a thorough and solid.

The fourth-largest Literacy: realized

How to temper savvy, the most important way is intended to do with reasons, by false self-cultivation. Communication with reasons to do that is through reading (related to Taiji culture, Chinese traditional culture classic - Tai Chi thinking is based on traditional Chinese culture, so must learn.) To refine the truth or the sort of understanding of them hidden in the text inside the secret, and then used in the tempering on the Tai Chi martial arts. By pseudo-self-cultivation, that is, a beginning, we can not see through or touched the spirit of the temperament of the temper - with the image of the way of thinking to understand it, understand it, feel it, Wu felt it (the law of Taijiquan grasp), thus the gradual transition from a promising realm of whether the state, from the availability of state into the inactive state - to achieve Taijiquan "all thoroughly empty, should be a natural material," the "bands and the gods" realm.

The fifth-largest Literacy: Action

Tai Chi I know old-timers, 80-year-old Tang always by self-learning, Zi Wu, etc. The essence of tai chi master. Drilling began after he retired every day, Wang Zongyue's "Tai Chi theory," such as Tai Chi Chuan Taijiquan classic discourse to understand one of the nucleus. A result, one to two to go, actually comprehending the essence of tai chi, so he put his experience to the "truth" applies to rub hand (push hands), etc. In practice, many of Tai Chi Chuan masters not his opponent.

In addition, the author's water-based tai chi teacher, then with the Yang style tai chi teacher and other school practicing tai chi Chu Guiting time 7,8 hours a day and practice their moves, and later he revised and created a water-based tai chi, the nine times a day to practice boxing, so that intrinsic only accumulate up Tai Chi Kung Fu.

Only a solid act, can we truly touch the spirit of Tai Chi Chuan broad connotation - actions include the theory of visual imagery and repeated training in taijiquan. Only after experiencing "tacit try to figure out" and punch a thousand times the action, the essence of tai chi can "and its meaning is." So, how?

First, like Donald Duck, as realized by the classical theory in this Tai Chi Chuan, "enlightenment" approach to expand their operations.

Secondly, as I like the teacher, in the body gradually strong, based on the adoption of as much as possible mode of action - to establish their own specific practice tai chi every day the number of times - timing a fixed point, every day, insist on - the course of time considerable period of time will be able to nurture practiced tai chi kung fu come out, so that their physical and mental qualities to be relatively large change for the eventual realization of "longevity not old Spring" basis.

Third, the modern work-life relationship, take not a lot of time practicing tai chi. Does not matter, as long as we do and practice their moves pre-processed all sorts of odd things, eliminate interference, switch off the phone, security under the mind to wholeheartedly and practice their moves. This would again have to practice again harvest.

Fourth, the first set with a few years Enhancing Taijiquan - of course, the best three in accordance with the Tai Chi Chuan is a feature at the same time frame explore further Taijiquan, Tai Chi internal strength miscellaneous and, tai chi theory (Tai Chi Wisdom) - the ancients said an in-depth; as has been the basis of it, one can actively look for teachers and friends - 10 square parameter learning - how to know when you'll be further improved.

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