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Tea to help health

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:42:00 PM
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Mulberry Leaf Chrysanthemum Tea dried mulberry leaves, dry chrysanthemum each 20 grams boils water, as tea-frequency service. Right temperature and evil, evil caused by the thermal heating effects are cool solution.

Sang Ju Dong mulberry leaf tea, 20 grams of soy beans, chrysanthemum 15 grams, 60 grams of soy beans, sugar 30 grams. Soybeans soaked with the mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum with the amount of water, fried and let them go residue, into the sugar until dissolved immediately after drinking, night time. This side has the Liver eyesight, anti-inflammatory role of scattered wind-heat of acute conjunctivitis and eye irritation Chi Tong has a certain effect.

Sang Ju Ge 20 grams of mulberry leaves tea, chrysanthemum 20 grams, 20 grams of Ge Hua day one, open water will open when the tea service for conscientious heat and touch the skin with normal temperature.

Sang Ju Hawthorn tea chrysanthemum, Yin-hua of 30 grams, mulberry leaves 12 grams, 15 grams of Hawthorn, with boiling brew four times, each time 10 ~ 15 minutes, on behalf of the tea. Applicable to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and so on.



Cassia Cassia seed tea will fry slightly muster a slight aroma of cool after the release, smashing, but also can be added to a little green tea, open blisters service. 5 ~ 10 grams per day, with Liver eyesight, cholesterol-lowering function.

Almond tea to take the first 100 grams of almonds and put in hot water soak 10 to 15 minutes, remove and stripped of skin, meat grinder or small stone with the water into the almond paste (using stone mortars or mortar can be fully smashed), and then Pour the almond pot, add 30 grams of sugar and water to 1000 ml Shaofei. Additive amount of cold water to dilute the drink. With Qingshu quench their thirst, Huatanzhike, Runchang to facilitate the effectiveness of.

Silver chrysanthemum tea with honeysuckle and chrysanthemum tea. There Qingrejiedu, antibacterial, 5 ~ 15 grams each day.

Fresh bitter gourd bitter gourd tea, go to pith cut into tea, hang dry well-ventilated place. The external wash clean, along with tea leaves chopped, mixing. To take 10 grams per day into the thermos flask, the boiling water, brew, on behalf of the tea. Can eyesight, detoxification, Qushi.



Gok 15 grams of ginseng tea Taizishen, Dendrobium 10 grams, 5 grams of Schisandra. Rough-cut the end of the above drugs, using boiling water on behalf of the tea brewing, there is Qi Sheng Jin, Yin antiperspirant efficacy for fever Shangyin the tongue dry, Weiwanxiashu Zuo Tong, retching satisfied less mamillata little moss, and the elderly popular short fatigue, dizziness, palpitations and other cards.

Dried tangerine peel tea to orange peel, orange skin, orange peel water washed, torn to small pieces and placed in a container, add water (15 grams Chen Piga water 1000 ml), sealed cover their strict 30 minutes, they can always take to drink. With cis-gas, cough, stomach, relieve summer heat, maintaining the effectiveness of the skin.


Herbal tea: Do not seek seek sleep Fang Fang Xian

Black Plum Black Plum Tea 15 grams of gold and silver (with core) soaked with water within 30 minutes into the casserole, add 1000 ml of water, cook low heat filter out 30 minutes after the soup liquid. Two liquid poured into the soup pot and boil 100 grams of added sugar, stir well, they can always take to drink. Heat treatment, sore throats, gum swelling, pain, dry mouth, polydipsia, oral ulcers and easy to heat boils, prickly heat, Chuang Du, etc. have a certain effect.

Plum Tea 100 grams of mung bean mung bean, ebony 30 grams, decoction, on behalf of the tea. There are cool detoxification, Shengjinzhike role.

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