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Tea's health-care function

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:43:45 PM
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Medicine that the tea bitter ﹑ Gan, sexual cool, and heart liver ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ kidney lung spleen ﹑ the Five Classics. Dampness can suffer diarrhea ﹑ ﹑ Jiangni, willing to replenishing relaxation, cool to heat ﹑ ﹑ Xiehuo detoxification.


Tea, have the following functions:

1. Thirst-quenching effect. This is the tea most basic functions, and is also a function of the earliest to become a natural and popular drinks. "Herbal Supplements" has been made: "thirst quencher addition to plague, your chai tea is."

2. Kiyotoshi leader role. Its smell thin, easy-to-head on the up, the heat dissipation of casts, it can be used to dim the head disease.

3. Heat effect. Because of their sexual cool, cool, diarrhea may be thermal, it can be used to heating ﹑ irritability and other hot diseases.

4. Eyesight role. Its gas light, can reach the liver through the mesh, Jan evil hot the eye of its barrier, and it could cure disease head.

5. Diuretic effect. Because of its bitter taste, its air bladder may be down to help gasification line of water, and it could be diuretic.

6. Relieves summer heat and effect. Its gas frivolous divergence can vent heat of the evil, but also tumble water bladder in order to, inter Shushi, they can be Jieshu.

7. Detoxification. Detoxification of tea water, mainly through the role of Lee accomplished, Lee watery diarrhea drugs, dilute the concentration of the body cult poison. In addition, their light-qi, but also Yang San cult poison. This feature is SHENG Nong tasted a hundred herbs, when in the first found.

8. Anti-sleep effects of anti-sleep. Because of their sexual cool, the Qing Qin Shuang God, taste also willing to be active to revive the spirit to be reinforcing, rather than God-Qing Yu Shui and lasting, it has this feature.

9. Xiaoshi role in the plot to go fatty. Because of their sexual elegant, can go up or down, the lift can be co-Wei Qi, Wei Qi and promote the transportation, so they can plot to fatty digestion.

10. Sobering effect. ﹑ Wine drinking to excess accumulation in the body wet, but Yu-based heat, damp heat, and fry, on the Mongolian-Qing Yang, and therefore unclear, language chief disadvantage. Tea for its can go up or down the power and gently scattered its hot, lifeless facilitate their wet, wet to the thermal dissipation, the spirit of re-view, self-awake drunk.

11. Longevity. Tea can live longer, you can understand in two ways:

(1) The tea can attack to make up, can attack the evil, but also fill their empty, its lifting gas in the viscera into adaptation, an organic function of the body to adjust to make it coherent, so that makes some people good health and longevity .

(2) tea, as a way of self-cultivation, people in the tea process to be emotional conditioning, temperament Jardine bright, smooth qi, qi and blood, and up, so can people can live for ever.

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