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Memory loss of the herbal tea nursed back to health

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:42:42 PM
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Longan Zao Ren Tea: longan meat, fried Zaoren each 10 grams, 12 grams Gorgon. Plus the amount of drug wash water, cook together 2 times, each time for 30 minutes, juice on behalf of the tea. Spleen can soothe the nerves, brain puzzle for Heart and blood deficiency of forgetfulness, heart palpitations, fatigue, insomnia and so on.


Seven kinds of food to enhance memory Candidates

Apple Walnut Tea: Walnut 60 grams, apple 2, brown sugar right amount. Wash the apples, peeled and chopped, and put together with walnut container, add water amount, first with the fire and boil, then simmer cook for 30 minutes to change low heat, add brown sugar Shaozhu can, twice daily cup of tea drinking. Can be nourishing meditatively, brain puzzle, for heart spleen-deficiency of the flustered forgetfulness, night sleep soundly many dreams and so on, especially for middle-aged and elderly persons brain protecting intellectual minds of this group of trouble the brain only.

Blue Tea Banana Cutter Unit: Banana 2, twisted stock blue 30 grams. Shares will be twisted blue wash dried, chopped, into the cup, with boiling water, brew 2 times, each time stamped with nausea for 20 minutes, the merger twisted blue liquid stocks. Banana smashed drunk, poured into the brewing liquid, fully mixing can drink 2 times a day. Refreshing brain can be applied to the performance of middle-aged mental fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, insomnia and dreaminess.

Ganoderma Lucidum Tea Puzzle: Ganoderma Lucidum 20 grams of washed, dried, cut into Pieces and put it into the cup, with boiling water, brewing, stamped frequency of nausea 20 minutes to drink. Qi Ning can be heart, soothe the nerves puzzle for dizziness, forgetfulness, heart palpitations fatigue, looking chlorosis, were gaunt appearance.

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