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Drink herbal tea prevent and cure diseases

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:45:13 PM
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Spring is influenza, hepatitis, mumps and other diseases of high period, Guangdong Province, medicated Committee Ye Zhenyu introduction, brewing herbal tea with boiling water can play a role in preventing and combating disease. From the health point of view, over the Awakening of Insects, the climate turns warmer, moisture increased, people easily fatigued fatigue, depression and even depression, herbal tea can be used for conditioning.

Prevent colds

【Formulation】 10 grams of ginger, coriander 1 (uprooted), brown sugar amount of seasoning, the child to drink half the weight.

【Usage】 The three flavor Shuijianbi. 1-2 times a day to keep warm clothes.

【Effect】 Chinese medicine practitioners believe that a cold is a feeling Feng Xie, there nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, headache, aversion to cold fever and other symptoms. This tea can be sweating solution table, temperature and in the stomach, for the common cold, especially for the early effects of exogenous well, to improve the nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms evident result.

Prevention of influenza

【Formulation】 habitat 10 grams, Banlangen 12 grams, 10 grams Guanzhong, Daqingye 10 grams.

【Usage】 above four flavor into tea kettles can be.

【Effect】 This agent herbal tea not only the prevention of influenza, but also can be used for treatment purposes, in the flu season, is indispensable to health and disease prevention tea. Prevention of hepatitis

【Formulation】 Xihuangcao 30 grams, 20 grams of Hypericum japonicum, and corn to be 20 grams, plantain 20 grams.

【Usage】 above four flavor into three bowls of water to be boiled into a bowl of water can be.

【Effect】 Xihuangcao with heat Lishi, Tuihuang Qushi and Cooling bulk deposition effect. This herbal tea can prevent hepatitis, in serious cases of hot and humid as effective in the patients with significant jaundice have yellow back the role of adjuvant therapy. In addition, the spring can easily suffer from gastroenteritis, with dandelion 50 Jianshui drink, hot and humid re-treatment of diarrhea is also obvious results.

Mumps Prevention

【Formulation】 Banlangen 20 grams, two needles 10 grams, honey appropriate.

【Usage】 above 2 plus water to be boiled into a tea flavor, add a little honey, a day 2-3 times to drink.

【Effect】 Zanthoxylum nitidum has heat-clearing and detoxifying, cooling blood swelling the effectiveness of the children, "mumps" effective.

Prevention of depression

【Formulation】 Flos Albiziae 10 grams, Jasminum spend 10 grams, 10 grams of Inula

【Usage】 above 3 flavor into the water to boil for 15 minutes, frequency drinking.

【Effect】 This tea can Shugan qi, it is Shu Fa crosses several. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that qi wang in the spring. Qi Shuxie, with comfortable, conduct, tune up, Xuan casual, circulation and other functions, if the liver qi stagnation, there may lead to depression, depression and other mental problems, so need to adjust Emotions from the Perspective, Shugan qi.

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