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Drink chrysanthemum tea can Reduce Pathogenic Fire

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:47:55 PM
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Pregnant women eating at greasy food can lead to convergence evil, causing physical discomfort, should try to avoid greasy food. When infected with wind-heat, many pregnant women are not willing to take medicine, fear of affecting the normal development of the fetus, is recommended for casual chrysanthemum tea with pear therapeutic method of wind-heat.

Chinese medicine believes that wind-heat to "break up", while the chrysanthemum have the effect of such a scattered wind-heat, so proper drink chrysanthemum tea, hot pregnant women suffering from the wind is very good indeed, pear is also a good heat food. In addition, foam can be daisy-added services for drinking green tea can also play a casual role of wind-heat, but also Kiyotoshi chief, lower blood pressure.


Pregnant women if there is no wind-heat symptoms, these foods do not have to go over the special food, but should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is the most healthy.

In addition, the chrysanthemum and celery, cucumber with food, are better with lower blood pressure; and yams are the same food reduces blood sugar effect.

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