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Commonly used in prescriptions in the treatment of depression

Updated: Thursday, Mar 29,2012, 1:06:46 PM
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The understanding of the depression in traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine research of modern people twittering, some think depression of traditional Chinese medicine should be "blue card" category, some think should is "dirty impetuous", and that should belong to "depressive psychosis", "mei nuclear gas" and so on. Below is part of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of depression books prescription, to provide the reference.

Commonly used prescription:

1, composition:  the fumatory (15 grams) angelica (15 grams) root of herbaceous peony (15 grams) white atractylodes (15 grams) poria cocos (15 grams) ginger (15 grams) mint (6 grams) roasted liquorice (6 grams)

usage: discretionary dosage, as one Fried clothing

functions: ShuGan XieYu, spleen and camp

2, composition: the fumatory radix 12 g keel ginger lead Dan ginseng cassia twig (peeled) poria cocos each 4.5 g (wash) this 6 grams rhubarb six grams of (cut) oyster 4.5 g (cook) big jujube (when) six COINS

usage: irrigation, twelve flavour, except the rheum, 800 ml water, boil take 400 ml, again, rhubarb, cook just a little more boiling, to Zi, temperature under 100 ml each time.

functions: reconciliation clear heat, menses nerves.

3, composition: roasted liquorice 10 grams, 30 grams of wheat, big jujube 5 pieces.

usage: on water sanwei right amount, small fire decoction, take Fried liquid twice, blending. Sooner or later, temperature clothing. His own have "sichong, fill in the card and the work.

functions: sichong, tonifying spleen and.

4, composition :  lily 7 gold (when) born 200 ml of tuberous root juice

usage:  to water lily dip night, go to the water; Again with spring 400 milliliter, Fried take 200 ml, to Zi; Into the dihuang juice, Fried take 300 ml, points to take temperature. Don't take ill of more. Suit as black as paint color shit.

functions: Yin heat.

In addition, more commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of depression of traditional Chinese medicine radix including unilaterally, st.john forsythia, rhizoma acori tatarinowii, ginkgo biloba, acanthopanax senticocous, etc.

Depression daily note:

1, first with the patient should establish good therapeutic interpersonal relationship, to closely observe the aura symptoms suicide; Such as anxiety, insomnia, silent little language or mood suddenly enlightened, in the crash site wandering, melancholy be agitated, refused to eat, bedridden, etc. Nursing staff should not let patients separate activity, can accompany patients take part in all kinds of group activities, such as all kinds of entertainment and occupational therapy, in patients with contact, should be able to identify these trends, give psychological support, make them up, and avoid accidents.

2, the patients living in nursing staff for the big room to observe, security facilities, the light is bright, air circulation, neat and comfortable rest in the treatment of environment. The wall with lively colour is given priority to, and hang mural and right amount fresh flowers, so as to facilitate the transfer patients positive emotions, glows the love of life.

3, strict implementation of holistic nursing care management system, nursing staff has a high responsibility, to have negative thoughts of the patients, to do fairly well, key tour. Especially in the night, a nap, before the morning shift and holidays and ward personnel such as low, nursing staff special attention should be paid to prevention.

4, to strengthen the ward of the security inspection facilities. Strictly do drugs and dangerous goods the, eliminate unsafe factors, hair medicine, carefully check the mouth, defend and pharmacology or after accumulation one-time swallow.

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