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Add rock sugar green tea can ease sore throat

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:46:33 PM
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TCM believes that the incidence of pharyngitis mainly by lung and kidney Yin Kui, Yin Huo-wang, Xuhuoshangsheng or exogenous wind-heat, heat burns the throat caused by poison. Of cold green tea, with Shengjinzhike, Qingrejiedu role; bird's-natured side cooler, with Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Yin lungs, cough phlegm effect. In addition, the crystal sugar are often added to Chinese herbal medicine is used to elicit efficacy. The two with a drink, give the effect of green tea Qingrejiedu full and slow down the throat pain, you can also play to their lungs and Yin, Sheng Jin's role in order to improve the local dry throat, discomfort. In addition, all of the sugar, rock sugar's role in nourishing the strongest, its tonic effects can improve human immunity, and fundamentally enhance the capacity of the human body against the laryngitis. Therefore, in patients with acute or chronic sore throat when you drink green tea may wish to add some rock sugar. However, in order to avoid blood sugar, diabetes Jifu.

In addition to regularly drink green tea, rock candy, the pharyngitis patients in their daily diet should also note the following:

First, the nature of the peace should be based on cold foods mainly Eat or not eat garlic, hot pepper, white wine and other spicy food. Because these foods are likely to cause or worsen congestive mucosa, which is tantamount to adding fuel to fire the throat.

Second, eat some with the heat, Sheng Jin role of fresh vegetables and fruits, such as pears, sugar cane, watermelon, radish, sponge gourd, figs, water chestnuts, lotus root, melon, banana, lily and so on.

Third, the moderate increase of protein intake, in order to enhance the body's immunity. The level of the human immune system and has a direct bearing on the recurrence of laryngitis, so patients should be appropriately increased fish, shrimp, meat, milk and other high-quality protein intake. In the supplementary protein should pay attention to eat less meat, dog meat and other foods too warm, or easily add to the symptoms of throat discomfort.

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