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was not suitable for practicing qigong

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 12:59:51 PM
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Qigong, although a good physical and mental training methods, but in practice there are often few people in practice the deviation of the process. In addition to exercise improper methods, but also to practitioners in the practice before the psychological qualities, personality defects and other factors. In other words, some people should not be practicing qigong itself.

1. Personalization quality impairments: too much concerned about their health, sensitive, suspicious, withdrawn and easily agitated persons, usually introverted person be careful to do things, or stick to their opinions, love people into a dead end, are receptive to hints and self-suggestion, which vulnerable categories of persons who practice there are gaps.

2. For those who play fast and loose practice: practice must be carefully controlled pre-select an appropriate their own exercises. Once identified, we must devote themselves to practice, not practicing several exercises at the same time, it can not be practiced today, one of a kind of tomorrow's practice. Mutual influence of several exercises, or in exchange in exchange for, and made uneasy. Will not only affect the practice effect, but also likely to cause gas chaos, there are gaps.

3. Tendency of persons with mental disorder: have appeared, or are still occurs when disturbance of consciousness, the state of depression or dementia in the elderly should not be practicing qigong. Because the practice into the quiet, the body vulnerable to mental disorders factors that stimulated the formation of an excitement in the cerebral cortex in the kitchen, make the practitioners of mental abnormalities.

4. There is a potential factor in mental illness who: In the immediate family members have suffered from mental illness, or practitioners, such as I had suffered from schizophrenia, hysteria, manic depression who, or personality characteristics that has "implied "high and generally are not practicing qigong. Practice of such spiritual qualities of people most likely to induce mental disorders when. Even if the illness has recovered, is also easy to practice deviations from happening again.

5. Long-term psychological too depressed: In my practice into a static state, the result of the dissolution of the inner inhibition, easy to show signs of emotional excitement, an individual patient is also prone to cognitive, affective, will conduct disorders, leading to mental disorders.

6. Usually deeply influenced by the superstitions by: usually too superstitious, or deeply influenced by the cult, or qigong are too obsessed. Such people tend to qigong mystery, receptive speech and behavior suggests that they often will a so-called "Qigong Master" sacrosanct as the exclusion of all others doubt idol. Such people not only easy to induce in the practice of mental disorders, deviations, but also for adverse effects are often stubborn, difficult to correct the deviation.

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