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What are the benefits of practicing Qigong

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:01:06 PM
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In recent years, with widespread dissemination of qigong, the practice of millions of people practice qigong further confirm our predecessors on the role of disease prevention and treatment summarized. Here's what those who practiced Qigong for health benefits.

1, preventive health care in modern studies have shown that practicing qigong has obvious elimination of psychosomatic fatigue, restore physical strength and energy, improve efficiency, enhance immunity, prevent disease and so on. With the development of society, faster and faster pace of daily life, psychological tension also will be getting higher and higher. Long-term psychological stress reduces the body's immune system, causing physiological dysfunction, the body, leading to functional or organic disease. Therefore, the good and learn the rhythm of tension relaxation in a timely manner, for fitness and disease prevention are very necessary. Qigong just can effectively play that role. Practice has proved that long-term exercise are less likely to fatigue, usually always feel energetic, very few colds and other diseases.

2, the yardsticks: traditional Chinese qigong exercises should be emphasized that spiritual cultivation, that is, optimize the person's emotions, will and character and so on. This is the premise of practice to achieve good results, but also through Qigong exercises to gradually get direct benefit. Practice tells us that people in the Qigong into the static state, will experience very pleasant and comfortable, not only physical comfort, but also very relaxed mood, the whole psychosomatic are immersed in a mood of detached. Long-standing qigong exercise can play a character cultivation, an open heart, cultivate the will to shape a healthy personality, enhance the role of psychological adaptation. Practice can also make people feel that things handy, increased efficiency, but also help to improve social skills, improve mental health.

3, Development Intelligence: Qigong practice can develop human intelligence, which is in the ancient qigong books there are many clear exposition. With the in-depth study of Qigong, and gradually confirmed this role of qigong. By Qigong exercise, the brain can quickly eliminate the fatigue, so energetic, focused and keen sense of perception, memory and enhanced thinking skills improved, so that it can improve the intelligence. Relevant experts believe that qigong to improve human intelligence could become an effective means.

4, longevity: Chinese medicine, into old age, sex fluid virtual bad, I really yuan waning physical variety of functions have gradually diminished. There are also some people for various reasons premature aging. Qigong Practice has proved that the body can mobilize and bring into play the inherent potential to postpone or delay the aging, the aged impaired intelligence, enhance physical and mental health of older persons to achieve longevity effect.

In addition, qigong can also be widely used in calligraphy, painting, singing and dancing, athletics, sports, playing musical instruments, acrobatics, and many other areas of training, can help people who engage in these activities to enhance the psychological stability, the elimination of tension psychological and physiological mobilization potential, enhance their are engaged in activities more efficient.

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