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Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong and Skin Care

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 12:56:54 PM
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Beauty is to use a variety of qigong qigong exercises to combat the loss of disease or capacitive Yanshuai Totale, Qingshenjianfei fitness, adding Qiyun and beautify body as a cosmetic approach. Its biggest feature is the overall concept. Chinese medicine that: human body limb, skin hair, facial features, etc. are all Zhaojia meridian qi and blood and organs of the body close contact, only the function of organs meridian qi and blood healthy and vigorous, abundant vitality to Runfa beauty so-called "monkeys like to eat in those various things must be OK. " Beauty is a qigong meridian qi and blood by regulating the body organs in order to achieve a balance of yin and yang prevent a disease health and beauty purposes.

The basic principle of qigong healing is to emphasize tone the body, adjusting interest rates, self-aligning, stressing that "emotional unity." Gas feature to guide ideas to relax, in order to induce ideas into the quiet, in order to adjust the ideas at all levels of the nerve center of the brain and subcortical function. Qigong can through the brain and nervous system, can also act directly on the various organizational systems, organs and even cells; qigong is unique is that the guidance of ideas, because ideas have a positive role of information, so that the overall function tend to be a high degree of coordination, a high degree of sequence-based, highly excited state. Qigong's physical and powerful whole body strong, fit more naturally glossy appearance. Qigong can play a good overall operating results, so that the human body like sun and moon, it seems natural, dynamic and static fit, transportation of natural, Qubing physical.

Practice can be achieved through the purpose of the following areas:

1, qigong can effectively eliminate fatigue and resume physical strength, so that practitioners who maintain a vigorous energy. Faster and faster pace of life in modern society, bringing people's psychological tension is also growing. As tension is a common response to fatigue. Often in a state of mental fatigue, fatigue, skin relaxation, while the Qigong exercise can effectively mitigate and restore the nervous system over-excited about the rapid elimination of body fatigue, people do uprising to dynamic. Vitality is a symbol of youth, but youth is a symbol of the United States. Clear-eyed and full of energy, responsive image of the human body is an important aspect of beauty.

2, nurturing genuine qi, resistance to premature aging. An important role of Qigong is to cultivate genuine qi. Chinese believe that people's facial features, skin and others are the five internal organs of the gas external reflection and performance. True Qi adequate blood five internal organs strong, the external appearance of the five organs inevitably full of vigor and moist, showing a healthy beauty. For example, the traditional Chinese medicine theory, there are "liver opens into the head" was a bright and piercing eyes of qi is sufficient, by Qigong exercise, more and more genuine qi sufficient to enhance disease resistance, you can remove suffering from various diseases caused by premature aging, so that young permanent.

3, qigong can improve microcirculation, so that ruddy face, skin moisturizing. Experimental observation found that qigong exercise can improve the body's micro-circulatory function, so that more capillaries open, blood vessels to speed up the blood flow, thus contributing to the organization of the metabolism, increase skin nutrients, skin improved and become delicate moist. In addition, qigong can also function by regulating the endocrine system to achieve the prevention of skin aging and loss of elasticity and beautify the skin effect.

4, qigong can beautify the person's temperament, mold people's temperament. The real beauty is a kind of face and body, body and spirit of harmony and unity. One person's mental outlook, temperament, demeanor, etc. is on the outside of the inner shape of the performance. Qigong in the "self-aligning" means not only intended to teach people to observe entry contains static content, but also has an important role in the yardsticks. Note that usually self-cultivation, enabling the physical and psychological exerciser achieve a balance with the external environment, and feel happy and open-minded, expansive behavior of Tanzania.

There are many schools of Chinese medicine and Qigong exercises, each person can choose their own different circumstances of different exercises to practice, as long as a gradual, sustained, there will be an unexpected effect.

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