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The elderly practicing qigong there is benefits

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 12:55:14 PM
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1.qigong can delay the aging human body organs
Middle-aged organs begin to aging, old age or aging organs of the lesions occur in one of the main reasons is the obstruction of blood circulation. For example, high cholesterol, high blood lipids, high blood viscosity, blood vessels can be caused by atherosclerosis such as arteriosclerosis, poor blood circulation, etc., which all belong to the scope of Chinese medicine in the Qi stagnation blood stasis. Practicing qigong can reduce the person's blood viscosity, lower cholesterol, blood lipids; can enhance the function of human internal organs, delay aging of the human body organs.

2.qigong can improve people's immunity
Deep breathing exercises to a certain extent, the population increase in body fluid, saliva contains a variety of immune cells, can enhance human immunity. Through research and testing found that people who practice qigong group practiced qigong and non-control group, compared to a variety of immune cells in the blood increases the body's immune capacity enhancement. These experiments can be shown that people reduce the cold by chi-function, reduce infections, reduce the occurrence of age-related diseases have scientific basis.

3.qigong can improve the blood circulation of human blood circulation
Through scientific experiments observe the practitioners of the nail fold microcirculation improved. practicing qigong state than their predecessors A fold increase in capillary tubes and pipe loop open loop increase in the number, which indicates that practicing Qigong is conducive to the body's blood circulation. The improvement of people's blood circulation can prevent many diseases, such as coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral blood supply is inadequate. At the same time practicing qigong can also improve blood stasis of the organs have formed physiological state, such as myocardial cram, cerebral thrombosis, early cirrhosis of the liver and so on.

4.qigong be able to pass the meridian gas emission disease
Qi Gong have had a lot of gas response of red lesions, such as headache patients, practicing in the gas flow of qi and feel sick when the Department has inflation, jumping and so feeling, so when you pass the meridian will be clearly felt that it was warm current along the meridian go through, from headache disorders disappeared. The long-term practice of the absence of disease of people with the equipment (Meridian detector) tests than non-practicing qigong or sick person to be smooth part of the meridian, and this shows even more exercise can make the meridian flow. Sick person is not smooth part of the meridian and more can be gradually through practice so that a part of part of the meridian to pass to open, so that sick people would be healed.

Gradual smooth meridians in the body will also release a number of diseases gas, such as: from a disease or disease-bit digital-related parts of the meridian line will be released through the air-conditioning, heat, gas and other hemp. Disease in patients with gas in the release process, the condition continually improved. For example, Wei Han who Weiwanxiashu Leng Tong, in the process of doing qigong or exercise our acceptance of others may be when released from the Weiwanxiashu Department or from the lower limbs emit air-conditioned air-conditioning, over a period of time Weiwanxiashu Department warm, and the stomach does not hurt. This shows that qigong can help people gas emission disease. People such as fever, inflammation of the people, diabetes Diabetes phase of the patients, liver yang city in hypertensive patients with heat release. The irritability tribulations of people, some cancer patients will release gas and so on hemp. Through practicing qigong or others outside the gas can be put fat people meridian flow, the gas discharge body disease, so that a balance of yin and yang organs tend to. This is the qigong healing process.

Because qigong can regulate the body's physiological state, can make the various parts of the body to normalize. The elderly is the body's physiological state into an abnormal phase; or internal organs begin to age or disease has occurred. Therefore, the elderly in order to prevent organ aging, prevention of disease, in order to avoid the toxic side effects of drugs under the conditions of cure disease, the elderly need to practice qigong. Many elderly people to practice qigong, not to wear reading glasses can also reads the newspaper, and there are many elderly people to practice qigong black hair, high blood pressure normal blood pressure, angina, do not fall ill, and urine sugar diabetic blood sugar normal ... ..., old age diseases Qigong effect is obvious, so middle-aged friends to practice qigong.

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