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Qigong is an exercise

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 4:39:05 PM
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Qigong-cosmetology is an exercise through practice Qigong, so that to cure disease and maintain beauty. It is same as Qigong through adjustment of posture, regulating respiration, regulating mental activities to reach the purpose of exercise. 

Qigong is an exercise which through adjustment of posture, regulating respiration, regulating mental activities and do exercise let the body relieve. Through practice Qigong exercise, you could cultivate and enhance vigour, enrich the Qi of entrails, activate and regulate QI of meridian, so that to improve physical quality of the body, educe potentiality of body function. That is to say, Qigong can prevent disease, has function of health protection and rehabilitation, grow in intelligence or wisdom and macrobiosis.

Regulating respiration is exercise of respiration and internal Qi, and is the main aspect of Qi Gong as well as Qigong-cosmetology. The breathing activity of human is autonomous, but through the practice, the breathing activity can be control and play its role. One are mainly use lung to respiration, while lung govern Qi, so Qi inhalation from the natural world will not only enrich the genuine Qi, but also further promote the body's vital energy running of the whole body so that blood running, five solid organs and six hollow organs, limbs and bones of the human body have been sufficient nourish, which is the basis of body-building. Qi plays an important role in the face of beauty. The shiny face is closely related with ups and downs of Qi. Whatever complexion is, as long as it has sufficiency Qi, it will shiny, even if one’face skin is dark and yellow, it can also give people impression of beauty. Regulating respiration of Qi Gong is regulating QI and enriching QI, so Qigong exercises can let face have normal color and get beauty results.

Adjustment of posture is the exercise of movement or posture. There are a lot of posture practice, in various forms, but they have a general requirement is to benefit the body's internal qi and blood running, five internal organs. After square away, you should pay attention to facial features of restructuring, include eyesight (that is, drop down eyelids), condensate ear rhyme (that is, forgot sounds to listen the voice of return), regulate breath (that is, tune the breath into soft), close tongue Qi (relax the tongue and mind), close teeth slightly (that is, the teeth nibble). Because Qi on the five internal organs and facial features of linked with the five internal organs and five spirits, after the above-mentioned position set up well, five sense organs is connect with the five internal organs, while the five internal organs is connect with five spirits. Movement is dynamic qigong practicing movement. Dynamic qigong is similar to gymnastic exercise, so it is not only has function to smooth the meridians, running the blood, but also can exercise physique and body, let body brisk and vigorous and has function of body-building.

Regulating mental activities is minded exercise. One’activity is leaded by heart-spirit, that is to regulate mental activities.

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