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Qigong is a self-training method of Psychosomatic

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 1:04:10 PM
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1, where the "heart" refers to the psychological, spiritual, "body" refers to the physical and physiological functions. As the name suggests, self-training methods is to play a psychosomatic sense of initiative, for their own spiritual, physical exercise or a class method.1, Qigong exercises are rich in psychological content: Chinese books, "Huang Di Nei Jing" in Qi Gong, when talking about wrote: "tranquil and empty, from the True Qi. Keep within the spirit of the sick an never", "breathing fine air, the independent Shou God, if a muscle. " Here, the "spirit within the defensive" and "independent Shou God", a clear expression of the ancients in the Qigong exercise in mental requirements. Qigong term "depends on mind practicing his martial arts" more shows in the Qigong mental activity in the dominant position. Qigong exercise an important element is to make sense of entry to the "Sishuifeishui, it might wake up the non-awake" and into the static state. This initiative to adjust their own state of consciousness into the static from the sober to the process, but also mental exercise of self-expression. As for the specific practice of various methods, such as the imagination feet, such as tree roots, meaning keep pubic region, to observe the object intended to "may keep unofficial", and intended to keep parts of sensory understand, and so on, but also psychological perception , attention, imagination, self-suggestion, self-hypnosis and other content directly apply.

2, Qigong exercise on the body is achieved in two ways: the first is a direct physical exercise. This is mainly manifested in the dynamic exercise of power. The so-called "foreign trained muscles skin" refers to dynamic exercise or Wai Gong qigong direct effect on the body. Dynamic power during Qigong exercise, although looks like slow gentle physical movement, but beginners will still be felt for some time, fatigue, we can see the kind of slow gentle movements of the body, the role of physical exercise is also a very strong . As for the static power, such as Zhan Zhuang, also has a very strong role in physical exercise. The intensity of this role is also as Zhan Zhuang corresponding changes in the level position. Station, the lower position, the greater the intensity of physical exercise. Qigong exercise on the body's second channel is an indirect effect. This approach is the starting point for healthy exercise cause changes in mental activity occurs, mental changes necessary links through neural and neuroendocrine changes caused by physiological functions of the body, physiological functions caused by changes in patterns will change. This role is through the mental - physical - forms part of response achieved.

To sum up, we can clearly see from the mental and physical Qigong is indeed both at the same time to play its unique role. In recent years, with the development of society, changes in disease spectrum, people on health, disease and medical model of understanding of fundamental changes have taken place. Increasingly recognized that psychosocial factors, which account for an important position. Seen from the practice of Qigong exercise for maintaining physical and mental health, psychosomatic disease, played an important role.

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