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Summer is the most suitable for the bubble of several health tea

Updated: Monday, Jul 11,2016, 3:35:51 PM
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Tea is a kind of knowledge, if you make tea, it is easy to waste good tea and tea. Tea ceremony to occupy a place in the long history of Chinese culture, tea ceremony most is fastidious is self-cultivation, not only to meditation, but also patience.

Tea and learned a lot, is called "a slow out deliberately,", from tea to tea, water temperature need heavy checks to bubble a cup of tea.

Choice of tea: from the perspective of nutrition, the fresh tea leaves its nutrient composition is not necessarily the best, these picked insufficient a month of tea because it had not been placed, some on the body have adverse effects on the material, if a long time to drink new tea, there may diarrhea and abdominal distension uncomfortable reaction. No matter what kind of tea, tea require consistent color, luster bright, fresh oil lubrication; if the color, different shades, dark without light that raw materials Laonen different, poor workmanship, quality poor.

Amount of tea: tea tea every time how many, there is no uniform standard, should according to the varieties of tea, tea set size and drinking habits. A wide variety of tea, tea, different dosage. Such as brewing general red, green tea, put 3 grams of dry tea per cup, add boiling water 150-200 ml; such as drinking tea, put 5-10 grams per cup. Tea is the most Oolong Tea, each input for the teapot 1/2-2/3.

Tea water temperature: for high quality green tea, can not be used 100 degrees of boiling water brew, generally around 80 degrees is appropriate, such bubbles out of the tea must bright green, fresh and cool taste, tea vitamin C less damage. Drinking tea, all kinds of medium and low Black Tea and Green Tea, to brew with 100 degrees of boiling water, if the water temperature is low compared with weak tea flavor. Bubble drink oolong tea, Pu'er tea and Tuocha, the amount of each tea more and for tea coarse old must use 100 degrees of boiling water brewing.

Summer is the most suitable for the bubble of several health tea

Now is the summer, we have to talk about a variety of tea in the summer of learning it.

1, honeysuckle tea

Honeysuckle tea is most suitable for hot summer. Desirable honeysuckle concoction with water torture, refrigerator spare. On behalf of the tea service, drinking for three days. If you add some sugar and a little orange peel, sweet fragrance, health drink can be used as Lingchang summer clothing. It is important to note that honeysuckle resistance cold, not suitable for long-term drinking, physical treatment and menstrual period were not drinking.

2, chrysanthemum tea

Nature of the chrysanthemum is too cold, so the summer drink chrysanthemum tea is also a good choice and chrysanthemum also has fire, the names of, is more suitable for high temperature in summer when drinking. Especially for some long-term face of the computer crowd, chrysanthemum names effect can alleviate computer group of eye fatigue, but also can effectively radiation. The "true Chrysanthemum indicum vent Yanling," said global Summer Chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum really do not use alternative.

3, lotus leaf tea

With the stalk chopped lotus leaf in boiling water for 20 minutes, on behalf of the tea, a refreshing effect of wide chest, thirst, lipid-lowering. Drink lotus leaf tea can be added to the body of the human body in the consumption of tea leptin, can improve the body's metabolism, so that people become easy to lean body. However, lotus leaf tea can not be used as a weight loss tea, do not drink for a long time. Pregnant women, women's menstrual period is best not to drink lotus leaf tea.

Above is the tea knowledge and summer health tea related to introduce, hope after reading the above, you to tea knowledge have certain understanding, by tea to achieve the purpose of self health care.

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