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Summer drink green tea the most appropriate

Updated: Sunday, Dec 20,2009, 5:01:20 PM
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Green tea and Chinese wolfberry can brew for drinking water respectively, on the human body is very beneficial. Many people just put them together brew. However, where green tea contains a large number of adsorption of tannic acid with the convergence of the role of Chinese wolfberry in the absorption of trace elements will be to generate the human body is difficult to absorb the material. Eight popular restaurants both green tea is also another Chinese wolfberry, although fewer than green tea。

Am drinking green tea, Chinese wolfberry drink PM

Green tea and wolfberry are very nutritious, green tea contains catechins and β-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and so on, a number of experiments show that green tea can eliminate free radicals, slow aging, prevent cancer.

Adds to the growing green tea can prevent cell gene mutation, inhibit tumor growth, blood fat, lowering blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular diseases, but also can prevent a cold, tooth decay and the elimination of bad breath and so on.

Wolfberry natured, sweet, with a kidney Yijing, Ziyin blood, Yanggan eyesight, lungs and the effectiveness of cough and many health-care regimen of the drugs contain wolfberry. Wolfberry contains amino acids, alkaloids, betaine, acid red pulp elements and a variety of vitamins, also contains a variety of linoleic acid.

For everyone to make a suggestion: You can drink the morning of green tea, appetizer, Xingshen; afternoon Paoyin wolfberry can improve physical fitness, beneficial sleep.

Summer drink green tea the most appropriate

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that drinking tea four seasons should be different. That should be based on a variety of flavored tea in different seasons of tea fit to drink.

Black tea can be Nuanwei, Xingshen, it also helps digestion, in the cold winter sweet warm drink black tea is the most appropriate. Green tea taste of the bitter cold of winter, drinking likely to cause Wei Han, but also may affect appetite. When the summer heat, drink green tea just cold weather can be whichever is the nature of antipyretic relieve summer heat, thirst.

Many people like to drink tea and feast at the table after a hearty meal, this is also bad for your health. A large number of tannic acid in tea will produce tannic acid and protein binding proteins, the role of such substances convergence, so that reduced intestinal motility, thereby prolonging the food residues in the gut residence time, which led to dry stool. Therefore, a good idea not to drink tea after a meal.

There are two opposite effects of tea

Tea has a refreshing and repose at the same time both the role of refreshing effect allows the brain awake and flexible, while the role of repose is a rejection, soothe the nerves role. The same two kinds of tea and was able to cause such opposite effect, what reason for this?

When the bubble tea has just opened about 3 minutes when most of the caffeine in tea had been dissolved into the tea in the. Then the tea possesses a distinct refreshing effect, stimulating. And then further on, the tannic acid in tea gradually dissolved into the tea, the offset of the role of caffeine, not easily re-makes a clear physical excitement.

Therefore, the role of tea there is a double-edged. Some people can not drink tea at night is the fear of drinking could not sleep. In fact, as long as a beginning about 3 minutes to brew tea and drained, adjourned on the water brewing drinking, refreshing effect is not so obvious.

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