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Regular tea,good vision

Updated: Thursday, Dec 24,2009, 3:37:19 PM
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Tea contains a kind of vision is closely related to the protection of the material is called carotene, vitamin A also known as the original. It is measured per gram of tea contains approximately 54.6 micrograms of carotene, the content should be higher than the average plant-derived food products. Yellow carrots, spinach, red carrots, radish sprouts are all familiar high-carotene content of plant foods, but they are in the carotene content per gram respectively, but only 27 micrograms, 24.6 micrograms, 21 micrograms and 18 micrograms, far below the tea.

Research has shown that tea vitamin A of the original can be treated entirely a result of vitamin A deficiency caused by vision loss, night blindness, dry eye, etc..

Carotene is an animal an important source of vitamin A, but the animals of vitamin A is not synthesized in animals, but animals from the intake of the carotenoids of plant food-stuffs, and then converted into vitamin A,.

People through tea intake of carotene,-carotene into vitamin A after protein synthesis within the retina rhodopsin, rhodopsin in light intensity of the light-sensitive retina weakens the role of regulation; while tea is rich in vitamin B2, per gram of tea contains about 12 micrograms of vitamin B2 levels higher than the fruit is about 60 times. Vitamin B2 is necessary for the maintenance of normal functioning of the retina of the active substance,

Involved in the redox process of cellular respiration, avoiding vision loss.

When vitamin A deficiency, synthesis of rhodopsin disrupted the regulation of light-sensitive retina loses function, night blindness occurs; a lack of vitamin A, so that the eyes and to stop the secretion of the lacrimal gland cells in keratinizing tear occurred dry eye. Chang tea can add more carotene, increase the body's vitamin A, replenish consumed rhodopsin, so that the eye to maintain good vision.

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