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Health Concepts of Tibetan Medicines

Updated: Friday, Mar 15,2013, 12:50:31 PM
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In the treatment system adopted by Tibetan doctors, dietary treatment is given much attention. According to Tibetan theory, in the early stage of getting sick, we had best cure the disease by adjusting diet and being careful in daily life. With the failure of the dietary treatment, however, we should then seek other treatments.

     According to traditional concepts in Tibetan medicines, various foods can be classified into such types as grains, grease, meat, vegetables and liquid food. Different foods play different roles in curing diseases. For example, grains belong to sugariness and are easy to digest, so such foods can increase semen. And rice is of light quality and can decrease internal swelling, Chipa and Bacon while increasing semen, so it can encourage muscle relaxation. For curing fractures, people can eat millet, although this will aggravate  any internal inflammation.

     Among liquid foods, Tibetan people pay closest attention to the treatment roles of milk and water. In their practice, they learn that different milks have different qualities and can cure different diseases. Tibetan doctors also think much of the treatment role of water.They believe that rain water, snow water, fiver water, spring water, well water, sea water and forest water can be applied to medical usage, and rain water has the best quality as it in close contact with sunlight, moonlight and wind during its fall to earth and, of course,has vitality and can refresh people and is as light as sweet dew. Tibetan doctors have special knowledge about alcohol. They believe that alcohol can help digestion, and it has the medical quality of sweetness, sourness and acridness and can cure both insomnia and excessive sleep. Appropriate drinking of alcohol is beneficial to the health of thin people,old alcohol is beneficial to the treatment of swelling diseases and Pegeng illness, but excessive drinking of alcohol is like taking poison.

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