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Green Tea is the Best Choice for Office Workers

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 28,2010, 5:11:13 PM
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Green Tea is the Best Choice for Office Workers

People who always work in places with air conditioning may face skin problems such as easily dry skin and the growth of small wrinkles. Therefore, the moisture content of their bodies needs to be supplemented.

Among all the drinks, green tea is the best choice. Because there are four primary polyphenols (natural chemicals that are beneficial to health) in green tea and they are often collectively referred to as catechins (types of flavored chemical compounds).

Also, green tea, like makeup, can prevent computer radiation.

Winter is the Season to Drink Black Tea

Chinese medicine believes that different people should drink different tea according to the different characteristics and tastes of each kind of tea.

Black tea can warm the stomach, refresh the mind, and accelerate digestion. Therefore, drinking warm black tea in the cold winter is a most suitable choice.

Do not Drink Thick Tea

Strong tea may make the human body excessively excitable and can badly affect the cardiovascular as well as the nervous system. For a person who has cardiovascular disease, to drink overly strong tea may induce heart and blood pressure disease, or even the relapse of old illnesses.

Do not Drink too Much Tea When You are Eating

Drinking too much tea or strong thick tea may affect the absorption of many constant elements (like calcium) and trace elements (like iron and zinc). Also, people should not drink tea with milk or other milk products because the caffeine and tannin (a kind of complex organic compound) in the tea may reduce the nutritional value of milk products.

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