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Gouqizi for Chronic hepatitis, central retinitis, optic atrophy, diabetes, phthisis, renal deficienc

Updated: Friday, Sep 03,2010, 3:15:49 PM
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Features: No toxicity, no chemical ingredients, natural, extracted from herbs, efficiency ten times than raw herbs.

For Chronic hepatitis, central retinitis, optic atrophy, diabetes, phthisis, renal deficiency, lumbago, tinnitus, tumors

Replenishes liver and kidney, improves eyesight, reduces blood pressure, reduces sugar and fat in blood, helps to improve immunity, soothes the mind, boosts body, and prolongs lifespan. Reduces the visible signs of aging skin, Increases elasticity and vibrancy of skin, Reduces wrinkles and lines, Improves skin texure, Nourishes the hair, skin and nails,It can do goods to organ decay in seniors. It resists the cancer cells significantly which can be used to stop spreading and boosts human immunity.  Clears away acne, pimples, and spots, Chinese herbs tcm skin whitening.

Main ingredient :Gou Qi Zi

Directions :
Put the tea into boiling water(120ml), and then drink.
One bag each time, twice a day, 30 days for one treatment.

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