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Diet affect breast cancer survival rates should be controlled heat and drinking

Updated: Thursday, Mar 06,2014, 2:35:25 PM
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Women diagnosed with breast cancer patients, in general, 90% of the five-year survival, there are factors that affect the result of many, the most important is a healthy diet.

After the research team examined the effects of diet on the quality of life, looking for breast cancer diagnosis, and how the diet lifestyle, it helps reduce the risk of death in patients with breast cancer. The researchers found that more high-quality diet can reduce the risk of death from breast cancer patients, particularly for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer have a more active role.

National Cancer Institute Cancer Control and Population Sciences Department Stephanie M. George, led his team conducted the study together. They total for 2319, at the age of 50-79 years old patients with invasive breast cancer were observed, some of which did not change the diet, the other part is involved in the Women's Health Association dietary improvements tests.

WHI test subjects participating in the study need to be completed dietary questionnaires to collect what they eat, how much to eat, and eating frequency data. Researchers will collect data once every three years in the next nine years were.

From the questionnaire survey among researchers calculated analysis of the what is a healthy diet. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, contains at least four servings of fruit, five servings of vegetables, 6 ounces of grains (half of which are whole grains), 5.5 ounces of meat or beans, 3 glass of milk, no more than 6 tablespoons oil. Also, solid fats, alcohol and sugar intake should be some restraint.

According to Healthy Eating Index, the researchers gave different types of diets were rated, score ranges from 0-100, can get a higher score, it proved to be a better dietary habits. Quality dietary needs 77 more points; 63-77 minutes is a mixed diet, indicating that the quality has declined; and 34-63 can say is poor diet.

Female low-quality diet, often high-quality diet than women, will consume more calories, drink more alcohol, and lack of physical exercise.

The results show that in the death of 415 women, including 188 who died of breast cancer, and the remaining 227 people died from other causes. Among the better-quality diet, the risk of death from any cause decreased by 26%; lower risk of death from other causes than the risk of cancer caused by 42%.

In estrogen receptor-positive (ER +) breast cancer patients, the risk of death by high-quality diet reduces by 45%, but in estrogen receptor-negative (ER-) patients, the diet has no effect on the risk of death.

The researchers noted that breast cancer patients survived or not may depend on the type of ER, and diet. They speculate that ER + patients usually have a better prognosis than ER-patients, thus ER + patients are more likely to die of other causes beyond the breast, for them, the quality of diet on longevity will have a greater role in promoting.

Finally, the researchers said, the quality of the diet is based on the report of the study, may affect the accuracy of the results, and in the investigation and no relevant data for cancer treatment, will have an impact on the findings.

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