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Caffeine and tea can eliminate fatigue

Updated: Thursday, Feb 27,2014, 8:43:02 PM
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Pharmacological research shows that the alkaloid contained in tea can excite the central nervous system in human body, such as caffeine and theophylline, and it can remove fatigue and revivify, promoting human body’s sensation and responsiveness for sex. The perfume oil in tea spreads out pleasant smell, making people feel high in spirits and good mood.

The function of tea to excite neutral nervous system and promote sexual sensation is not persistent. As many people make sex before sleeping, people are not advisable to take heavy tea to promote sexual excitability in order to avoid influencing sleep.

The martial master and pharmacist of traditional Chinese medicine of the late Qing dynasty, mastered the ancestral making of a kind of tea, namely the Shen Xian Suo Tea which also named as He Huan Tea and Shen Xian Tea later. It is mainly used for nourishing kidney and tonifying yang, promoting yang in human body, activating qi and blood, enhancing sexual ability and even treating rheumatic arthritis.

It is a custom to nourish yin and strengthen yang by combining tea and herbal medicines in many places. Some herbal medicines can take effect on the sexual disorders due to different causes, as they are mild for supporting yang, tonifying kidney and nourishing yin, or promoting qi and activating collaterals and meridians, such as eucommia ulmoides, semen cuscutae, mulberry, etc.

Generally speaking, black tea is mild in nature with the function of removing cold and warming kidney, therefore, it is better used for nourishing than the green tea which is cold in nature.

Its main efficacy is to clear up heat and refresh the mind. So, when people want to nourish the kidney and tonify the yang, they are suggested to drink black tea of mild nature.


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