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You learn to teach themselves to health care Gua Sha

Updated: Friday, Nov 06,2009, 5:28:51 PM
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At home, we can be more easily guasha self-care. The most convenient than buying a scraping wooden comb, shaving the head sooner or later the swab 30 ~ 50 times. Like the hair style is simple and convenient operation will be able to clear the head and the blood circulation, play a role in health care.

In addition, health care with the points guasha scraping swab can be very good in bringing the body to health, to play "not the first anti-disease" effect. In this regard, we made a special trip please guasha physiotherapy center teacher introduces some home health care can be carried out guasha easy way, we may come to follow the study.

guasha pre-prepared

1, Scrapping plate

The best use of specialized scraping plates guasha, generally you can buy medical equipment stores. Family can be used buffalo horn guasha board. Buffalo horn itself is stubbornly expensive Chinese herbal medicine, there is Qingrejiedu, the effect of promoting blood circulation Huayu is a Shang Hao tool.

2, guasha oil

guasha oil has a heat-clearing and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, dredge the meridians, promote metabolism, detoxification evil, anti-inflammatory pain and so on.

In addition to the head scraping, the scraping of other parts of the skin when they need to be conducted subsequent to the first oil painting Gua Sha Gua Sha. If there is no scraping the oil sesame oil can also be used, but if you want a long-term scraping, scraping or using a special oil is better.


guasha be sure to use the guasha oil, it is best not to use instead of safflower oil and so on. Many people think that blood circulation can safflower oil, in fact, where a lot of safflower oil adjuvant to the skin stimulation, such as capsaicin, capsaicin useful for treating bruises, but will increase for scraping the skin to stimulate, make the skin can become rough, allergies, rash, there spots.

Health Scrapping Step

1, head of health guasha

Acupoints: Baihui and four god-chung, head-dimensional points to the wind pool cave temple

Scraping swab order: first, scrape Baihui and Sishencong, Zaigua the first dimension to the wind pool, re-scraping the first dimension, the wind pool, and then click temple.

Scraping swab Methods: The reinforcing-reducing

Fang-yi: "header for Zhu Yang's Society," the head head guasha can promote blood circulation, so that clear-headed will help enhance memory.

2, shoulder and neck Scrapping

Acupoints: Feng-chi point to Jianjing Xue, wind House Point, Tai Zhuixue, shoulder Yu points

Scraping swab order: from top to bottom in turn scraping swab.

Scraping swab method: fill diarrhea and facilities.

Fang-yi: long-term adherence scraping swab the above points to clear the body metabolites, played dredge meridians, adjust the function of organs, so keep secret balance of yin Pingyang state, to achieve physical fitness, alleviate fatigue purposes.

3, limb Department of Health guasha

Acupoints: Quchi Xue, Hoku, Neiguan and outside the customs points, Zusanli

Scraping swab order: meridian lines along the direction.

Scraping swab Methods: The reinforcing-reducing.

Fang-yi: scraping swab limbs meridians can promote blood circulation, effective prevention of disease, and can remove toxins from the body, act as a "preventive measures" role.

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