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What people do not fit guasha?

Updated: Friday, Nov 06,2009, 5:15:51 PM
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1, there is a serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney dysfunction, systemic edema were. Because it will make people guasha subcutaneous congestion, promote blood circulation, which may increase heart and lung, liver and kidney burdens and aggravate the patient's condition, and even life-threatening.

2, pregnant women's abdomen, lumbosacral disable guasha, otherwise it will cause miscarriage.

3, where the surface there are boil swelling, ulceration, sore carbuncle, rash, and unexplained mass at the Prohibition guasha, otherwise it will lead to wound infection and proliferation.

4, acute sprain, trauma pain, fracture site, or parts of prohibited guasha fever, since scraping will increase the bleeding wound.

5, contact dermatitis infection were hanged guasha, because it will spread of the disease to others.

6, there is bleeding tendencies, such as advanced diabetes, severe anemia, leukemia, aplastic anemia and thrombocytopenia in patients not guasha, because such patients scraping arising from the subcutaneous hemorrhage can not easily be absorbed.

7, over-fed hunger, fatigue, drunkenness are unacceptable and gravity, and a large area guasha, otherwise it would cause collapse.

8, eyes, lips, tongue, ears, nostrils, nipples, navel and other parts of the Prohibition guasha, since scraping will remove these parts congestive mucosa, and can not be recovered.

9, the mentally ill disabled guasha law, since scraping will stimulate the incidence of such patients.

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