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Traditional Chinese medicine tip: guasha after drink a cup of warm boiled water

Updated: Thursday, Mar 29,2012, 1:00:06 PM
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Scrapping at home, guasha after measles drink a cup of warm boiled water, had better be weak brine or light sugar water. In the process of human body is lost some body fluid, drink salt water and sugar water on one hand can complement body fluid, on the other hand, we can accelerate the metabolism of the body, promote the excretion of the trash inside body, so as to strengthen the effect of guasha. In addition, blow out sha 30 minutes don't wash wake.

As for guasha frequency, two times between guasha to 3 ~ 6 days apart, and the first scrapping parts of the sha spot not before back, not in its place is again. In addition there is two matters. First of all, let's guasha their, also want to pay attention to keep warm. Scrapping should be done indoors, and remember to shut the doors and Windows, don't be fooled by the wind. If the weather is hot, also should avoid to fans and air conditioning. This is to avoid the body catch cold catch cold. Second, for the varix the, edema, the position of a special technique is that it should be from the blow up.

Scrapping contraindications:

1 the bleeding tendency to be cautious with disease.

2, the new fractures of the patients should not be scrapping.

3, the fester inflammation, drainage of the local skin surface decay, and infectious skin disease local lesion of the blow.

4, unexplained bump and malignant tumor site ban scrape.

5, women's menstrual period next abdomen wary of the blow, pregnancy next abdomen ban scrape.

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