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Traditional Chinese medicine cupping teach you check body condition

Updated: Saturday, Feb 18,2012, 1:56:51 PM
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Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, strong body health cupping has the effect of illnesses. You know what? cupping besides can qushi analgesic outside, sometimes also can tell you what is their own constitution and body condition.

cupping can clear the meridians, adjust the qi and blood, the blood of block for ease caused pain and cold and other collar. Because Chinese emphasize the syndrome differentiation and treatment of constitution, after the observation cupping skin color, smell, and can understand the condition of the body at this time and of his own constitution.

1, skin is white: the body temperature gas heavy

Performance: in the skin color change, such as a small white water, indicates that body moisture heavy. Some people body moisture is serious, water wet and not all for more pore eduction body outside, after cupping will form, the skin thin bubble.

Methods: the moisture inside body weight, only depending on the cupping may not be able to remove all the moisture. The best approach is to let the sun exposure. The body of the sun is sun be the spirit, supplement the sun be the spirit to let moisture to dissipate. Women can use moxibustion close yuan of acupuncture point, uterus dividing point, use a hub and two boxes of will and moxibustion points.

2, appear yellow substance: the body and sick

Performance: appear yellow substance, may suggest that exist in the body and other disease; Yellow substance and sending out a stench, usually skin diseases, such as acne.

Methods: using lotus needle cupping sedimentation by law, in the skin surface with a lotus needle thorn cupping knock again after, at this time the body with passive congestion will be eliminated from the body.

3, the skin is dark red: flu

Performance: after cupping skin were black red, no secretion, color slants red more for "sha", usually for a cold.

Method: remove the tank can eject toxin, in addition, but also by massage acupuncture points to alleviate the symptoms of a cold.

4, skin is partial black: fatigue caused by strain

Performance: color slants black for passive congestion block, usually symptoms of fatigue and injuries.

Methods: the parts in addition to strain cupping, better way is by massage technique with Chinese medicine hot therapy, use blood know luo hot treatment.

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