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Scrapping the treatment of acute gastroenteritis steps

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 02,2013, 1:49:10 PM
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The location and method of cupping

Selecting acupoint:Dazhui、Pishu、Weishu、 Sanjiaoshu、 Dachangshu、Tianshu、 Zusanli、 Shangquxu (piture66)


Cupping: cupping for ten minutes on the sides of Tianshu by cupping after flash of fire before sorb the cup to the acupoint of Dazhui Weishu Dachangshu Sanjiaoshu shangjuxu or cupping method of air pump

Cupping of venesection:disinfect on the Dazhui Pishu Weishu Zusanli Shangsjuxu then cupping on the acupuncture point which was was stick by the triangle-edged needle for 2-3 times.

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