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Scrapping Therapy Treatment of heat stroke

Updated: Friday, Nov 06,2009, 5:23:09 PM
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Although it is popular guasha therapy has long been popular methods, but in fact it contains the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory. The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine that the five internal organs are attached to the back (that is, the midline and the center line on both sides of the back), who is up against the evil, the next is Shun. By scraping down, so that evil down the meridian of the internal combustion engine to be smooth and normal operation, so fever syndrome can be cured.

Making guasha before a bowl with hot water, add sesame oil 2 spoons, take a smooth spoon, copper coins, or coins one, dip oil and water, from the patient's vest began gently scraping down Shun (avoid scraping down), and gradually focus. If it is dry spoon, you can then dip Zaigua. Until the local skin reddening uplift, or display purplish black fever point, the patient wake up and feel light up.

If the patient's condition urgent re-emerged severe abdominal pain, it may not be vomiting, diarrhea may not be the drugstore to buy some cholera epidemic rejuvenate Dan 0.2 grams, warm water swallow in order to resuscitation by filth.

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