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Guasha treatment of cardiac neurosis method

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 02,2013, 1:52:51 PM
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The location and method of cupping

Selecting acupoints:Xinshu, Geshu, Pishu, Danshu, Neiguan, Shenmen, Zusanli, Yanlingquan, Fenglong, Sanyinjiao (picture59).


Cupping: Suck the cup to the acupoint of Xinshu, Ganshu, Pishu, Geshu, Zusanli, Neiguan, by use cupping after flash of fire or suct cupping.

Acucupping: disinfection parts of the Ganshu, Xinshu, yanglingquan, Sanyinjiao, Neiguan, Shenmen before stab by acupuncture pin and then cupping by cupping after flash of fire after stand up the needle.

Cupping of venesection: disinfection of Xinshu, Geshu, Ganshu, Danshu, Fenglong, Sanyinjiao, Neiguan. Cup on the fast insertion part quickly by using cupping after flash of fire after bleeding triangle-edged needle.

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