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Cupping up to 15 minutes

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 2:34:40 PM
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Acupuncture experts, cupping is the traditional method of Chinese medicine outside the administration, you can qi blood circulation, dredging through the rolling, swelling pain, dispel rheumatism. Because of simple operation, user-friendly line, became a folk treatment methods commonly used in disease prevention.

At present the types of cans mainly bamboo cans, glass jars, rubber tanks and vacuum tanks. Bamboo pot because of the need to use the liquid to boiling, more complex, use less. Clinical use glass jars are more timely observation of the skin. Rubber tank used in a relatively not very flat areas, such as joints and so on. Household tanks in general more appropriate to choose a vacuum tank.

Hospital cupping a small group in general to clamp the clip cotton balls, dip amount of alcohol, Guankou ramp, the light cotton balls, stretching from the bottom of the tank, after around 1-3 laps out, and quickly pull on. Be careful not to allow burning of the cotton balls hit Guankou to avoid skin burns.

Of course, with a vacuum tank at home easier to operate, it burns does not occur, but the role of expelling wind and cold-dispelling fire can not compare.

Which disease suitable for cupping

Cupping commonly used in the treatment of low back pain, neck pain, rheumatic pain, stiff neck, colds, indigestion, insomnia and menopause syndrome, and so on. But the Doctor Zhao's view, cupping can only play at home, the role of adjuvant therapy, the severe preferable to a hospital for treatment, so as to avoid delay in treatment opportunity. Doctor Zhao's then introduced several family cupping treatment of common diseases approach.

Low back pain: In the waist hurts and Venezuela in the cave (Leg center) Cupping ,10-15 minutes a day a time.

Frozen shoulder: The shoulder pain of local cupping 10-15 minutes a day 1.

Stiff Neck: In the ipsilateral neck and back, looking for tender points, cupping about 10 minutes.

From cans rather than trying to pull

Cupping in the home when the Guankou should be smooth and free from breaks, nor too thin, to prevent the cut in the skin. At the same time, in the operation should also pay attention the following issues:

1. According to the size of the drawing to choose the appropriate parts of the tank, like the broad and rich on the back muscles, thighs, they may use, large cans, while the legs, arms and shoulder and neck region are suitable to use a small can.

2. Stay cans of time under the condition, location decisions. Usually 10-15 minutes remaining cans, large cans strong suction pull would be appropriate to shorten the time, or may be blistering. If relatively small bubble, then no special treatment is usually self-limiting; blistering larger to the hospital for the best deal, first partial sterilization, and then punctured with sterile needles and syringes, sterile gauze before putting.

3. From pulling down the tank when the other energetically, to a hand pot with one hand pressed next to the skin, so that the air inside, cans naturally down, cupping the skin after two weeks of Paeonia generally be able to disappear.

4. Overeat, over-tiredness, hunger and thirst appropriate to cupping.

5. The neck, armpits and groin areas such as large blood vessels, skin allergies, edema, or ulcers of the place, can not be cupping; the lumbosacral and abdomen of pregnant women are also prohibits the use, to prevent abortion.

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