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Cupping treatment, in fact not simple

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 2:41:05 PM
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Cupping therapy has cupping method, tank method, acupuncture and cupping law, medicine pot method, take the pot method, pumping cylinders method, seven kinds of extrusion cans law. Cans with bamboo can be divided into cans, jars, canopic jars, glass jars, metal cans (iron, copper, aluminum cans have been eliminated due to rapid heat transfer), in addition to any small cavity mouth big mouth smooth, not afraid of heat, can be have some pulling power suction apparatus (such as cups, bottles) can use. Cupping method often associated with acupuncture and cupping, medicine pot, moxibustion cans, infra-red cans with the application.

Cupping therapy because of the economic and practical, easy to learn, there are many of the elderly themselves administering treatment at home. Household use cupping therapy should be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors, then should be noted:

Indications cupping with Xiehuo detoxification, blood circulation, expelling wind and cold-dispelling, the role of gastrointestinal conditioning, so right sore swollen drugs, Zheng Jia accumulation, wind cold dampness weakness, all kinds of pain and gastrointestinal system diseases better effect.

Note the method of operation, should be prepared to work, such as everyone had struck a position, will be pulling parts of the skin and scrub with disinfectant towel to reduce the leak and burns and, based on the size of parts to be drawing to select the appropriate tank with.

Cupping part of the muscle, subcutaneous tissue, hair less rich and the site is appropriate, vascular shallow Department, chest wall, skin and delicate Department, scars, nose and eyes suddenly at the nipple bone, skin, relax a larger folds are not pulling cans. Cupping part of the previous tank before the patch does not go away, not their original cupping. Cupping The basic point is steady, accurate, fast, smoking pulling force size and cupping of the time and speed of a tank the size of the tank temperature. Cans in the fire fast and strong when the buckle, cans a gap large, the tank temperature is high then the suction pulling force, the contrary is small. Suction pulling force size, should be based on a body, the condition may be. In the cupping process, we need to observe patients with facial, facial expressions and asked his feelings and, if the phenomenon of halo cans should be a timely manner. Cupping therapy is appropriate for each 5 to 10 minutes. The chronically ill the next day once, acute illness once a day, 12 times as a course of treatment. Can get a strong suction to take time as fixed, then the extreme pressure Guankou 4 weeks the skin to make it easy to remove the natural loose.

Contraindications with moderate or severe heart disease, systemic edema, bleeding tendency (such as hemophilia, purpura disease), leukemia, active tuberculosis, cancer, skin diseases, local skin, varicose veins, pregnant women's abdomen, lumbosacral were should be disabled or used with caution.

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