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Cupping of the four errors

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 2:39:04 PM
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Myth # 1 ,cupping after taking a bath

Many people like to take a bath after removing finished cupping, this would be very comfortable, in fact, doing so is incorrect. Because at that time the skin in a very fragile state, when a bath is easy to cause skin breakdown and inflammation. In particular, cold baths, due to the pores of the skin at this time is in the open state, so it is easy to catch cold.

Recommendation: right after bath time in cupping 1 ~ 2 hours. Cupping after long warm bath water temperature should be slightly higher.

Myth # 2 ,as long as you pull too

Many people believe that the longer the cupping, the effect will be better, and even that to pull out the blisters in order to reflect the effect of cupping, in fact, this is wrong. Because fire can pull was too long, the blisters may occur, it will not only hurt the skin, may also cause skin infections.

Recommendation: cupping the right time is 10 to 15 minutes. If the body is not good for the elderly or children, the time should be halved.

Myth # 3 ,the same location repeatedly pulling

Time they do not succeed pull twice, repeatedly drawing the same position that the order to pull out the results. In fact, doing so will damage the skin, such as swelling, it would not worth the damage ... ....

Recommendation: cupping, they can pull in multiple locations in order to increase therapeutic effect.

Myth # 4, pulling chest, stomach

Many people think that: I am not comfortable on the pull where where. Stomach ache or chest discomfort, I'll pull the stomach, pulling the chest. In fact, this is wrong. General Cupping is best not to pull the chest and stomach, as this drawing is no scientific basis.

Recommendation: We usually position cupping is mainly waist, back, shoulders.


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