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Cupping, how to avoid being burned?

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 2:46:29 PM
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The former is really two kinds of burns, the latter is not a burn. Then be able to avoid the fire can burn it? Energy, fully capable of, but must take the following measures:

(1) coating of water: In the cupping place without prior Tu some water (warm water in winter Tu). Tu cooling water can partially protect the skin, will not burn;

(2) The flame toward tank bottom: alcohol cotton flame, must be towards the tank bottom, and must not burn Guankou, Guankou do not coated with alcohol;

(3) left tank a short time: to shorten the time to stay cans, not too long, too long, easy to suction blisters, generally 3 to 5 minutes maximum not to exceed 10 minutes.


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