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After the back pain may wish to cupping

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 2:48:34 PM
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Office pour over those who have sat the people who work with computers occurred more chance of back pain. This is mainly because these people work longer period of time to take a position, resulting in some muscle fatigue, tension, or strain, over time, will inevitably cause back pain. Tan Liang is back pain caused by another reason, a fan in summer, air conditioning, autumn and winter cold wind blowing around his neck, back, will lead to back pain.

Back pain and how to do? At work 40-1 minutes or so should get some about, stretching their arms, curved waist, like the students to do the same exercise, you can lift the muscles fatigue, relieve pain. Activities for the back pain, it can only play a preventive role, once back pain together, activities are often not solve the fundamental problem, then should be treated. Cupping, take the pot is the most simple and effective method.

Cupping is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, a treatment for diseases, such treatment can be by cold dampness, dredge the meridians, dispel stasis, qi and blood circulation, reduces swelling, pain, diarrhea fever Sida has to adjust the body's yin and yang balance, lifting of fatigue, enhance physical function to achieve the rousing, the purpose of curing the disease. Many diseases can be treated with cupping therapy. For patients with back pain, through the tank to go back on both sides of the spine, the pain points of cupping, but more than ten minutes, can greatly relieve the pain.

Cupping can be commonly used glass jars, and even home canning bottles can also be used cupping, rubber tanks can also be used, but not take cans. Cupping, generally using a hand-held tank, the other hand has lit spies will be spies in the tank fire on a few Akira Akira, the withdrawal, the tanks should be treated promptly placed in the site, and then use pull gently cupping a hand to see if the pull on the. Cupping should pay attention: Do not be spies rubbed alcohol on the mouth on the jar and do not spies on the alcohol drip to the patient's skin, or else, it will burn patients, unnecessary surprises.

Cupping refers to removing the jar after using one hand or two hands to seize the pot, slightly on the mention that the patient's skin sliding tank move. You can move in one direction, you can move back and forth. Cupping is not acting on a point, but acting on a few points, in part or section of the meridian, such as the back of the spine is often push the cans on both sides of the site. Cupping should pay attention to: Take the pot before you want to go in the tank site or the jar mouth smear some lubricant, such as glycerin, paraffin oil, scraping oil, to prevent skin injury when you take the pot. In addition to the treatment tank to go back aches, hair cool, but also can be used for dizziness, cold treatment.

In cupping, the patient typically prone to take a position, in order to facilitate treatment in the post-cupping the back. In case of heart disease, blood diseases, skin and skin injuries, mental illness or neurotic people, tuberculosis and infectious diseases, all kinds of fractures, extreme weakness, pregnant women or women's menstrual period, fullness, hunger, excessive thirst, drunkenness, etc., should be disabled or used with caution cupping therapy.

Cupping should pay attention to: 1. Warm. Cupping will each have to undress before treatment, so treatment should avoid the wind blowing straight to prevent the cold and maintain room temperature. 2. To avoid burns. Do not burn the patient's body fell on the alcohol, overheated jar Qin replacement. 3. Should not be pulling the site has broken skin, skin scarred Office, skin neoplasm or bone prominent office. 4. The same site can not pull every day. In the cupping of the scarring is not dissipated, we must never do cupping. 5. Cupping to patients, they should closely monitor the patient's condition and, if halo cans, etc., should be timely processing. Back pain, and fatigue syndrome, is covered by renewable use of cupping therapy, its method is simple, simple, easy to master, a little practice, you can use at home, and the effect is good.

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