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Foot massage treatment of rhinitis

Updated: Friday, Feb 28,2014, 7:00:41 PM
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Rhinitis is due to the acute or chronic viral infection such as rhinovirus and adenovirus or the injury which is caused by the stimulation. It usually leads to symptoms of excessive mucus, rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction and so on; the disease is called "Biyuan", "Biqiu", "Bigao" etc. in TCM. TCM holds that this disease is due to the deficiency of the lung and the spleen qi, weakened defensive qi, improper regulating of the body and people repeatedly suffering from the wind-cold of the wind-heat evil; and the long time of suffering from of the disease lead to the obstructed collaterals, qi stagnation, blood stasis and the nasal obstruction and make the disease hard to be treated.

Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa and its submucous tissue; it is a medical nomenclature which is used to describe the inflammation that due to the stimulation of some areas. Its typical symptom is rhinorrhea.

Foot Massage

Basic Reflection Zone: Lung, Respiratory tract, Nose, Hypophysis cerebri, Neck and Spleen.

Related Reflection Zone:Yingxiang, Yintang, Shangxing.

Symptom Reflection Zone: Feishu to Pishu, Chize, Hegu

Course of the Reflection Therapy: 10~15 times for one course of treatment, 30-40 minutes for one time, and 1-2 times a day. Take rest for 1-2days between two courses of treatment. During this period, put the feet in pale salt water to recover the sensitivity of the feet to massage.

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