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Foot health standards of care

Updated: Saturday, Apr 18,2009, 9:44:04 PM
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I. What is Reflexology? 

 That is, foot massage therapy, a non-drug therapy. All through the foot reflex zones to stimulate the body's physiological function so adjusted (to reconcile the internal organs, balance of yin and yang), to improve their immune system function (neural reflex regulation to improve the blood circulation, adjust the endocrine, pass by the active, Fuzheng Qu evil), so as to achieve against the disease, has played the role of health care, health purposes. 

 Second, what to do Reflexology? 

 At the bottom of foot, medial foot, lateral foot, ankle and foot reflex zone massage therapy, massage therapy can be for this self-massage therapy, massage therapy and other massage therapy equipment. Benefits of foot massage, the elderly, middle-aged, and young people, are suitable for the body and prevent pain, to lift the most useful fatigue. 

 Third, Reflexology originated in ancient times, the development in modern times, the prevalence of the modern. 

 Reflexology is a precious legacy of Chinese medicine in China, the oldest classic of Chinese medicine, ancient human dance barefoot on the floor at the bottom after the fever, swollen, uncomfortable, not only the lifting of fatigue, and high spirits, but also ease the pain. "Huang Di Nei Jing" YongChuang there are points of the records, it is closely related to human health. "Historical Records" era of the Yellow Emperor in ancient medical treatment records of the foot touch. Ancient Egyptian foot massage is also recorded in the Eastern Han Hua Tuo's "Five-Bird Game" also attaches great importance to the foot-guided surgery. Japanese scholars research, Han and Tang Dynasties era "Huatuo and membership" in there "" This foot massage is the science research, this technique has not changed in Japan. 2000 years ago people left Sakya Buddhist capital of the "foot stone Buddha," there is in the footprint on the human body associated with the foot map, yoga technique for the retention and development of the health characteristics of foot massage. Reflexology is very popular in today's society, popular throughout the country. Young and the old method of health care in sub-health state of people feel the charm of magic. 

 Foot health standards of care 

 First, foot care: 

 There are many human body organs are in the feet correspond to the reflex areas (acupuncture points), the use of massage to stimulate these reflex areas, can be achieved against the disease and the role of self-care. Health foot massage is part of Chinese medicine in China, old record: "people have feet, as if there are tree roots, tree root litter first dried up, people can be bad feet" So people should be attached great importance to the health and exercise his legs. With the development of modern medicine, to increase awareness of human health, stressed that the health of people-oriented and not detrimental to health. Foot care, there are no side effects on the human body, is pure physical therapy, has now become an international fashion, in the East and the West have a broad mass base and markets. More and more on the human health care plays an important role. 

 Second, adequate health standards Fasch operation: 

 1 person in strict accordance with the provisions of "full health" services, procedures and time frames of both feet massage. 

 2 were carried out with the guests on "adequate health law" professional health-related language. 

 3 after a person full of silly, Culture and Sport to raise the standard of the guests to enhance the "fine" "Gas" "God." 

 4 people can improve sleep quality, and promote the body's metabolism. 

 5 a person a short break after the guests have a comfortable sense of the whole body, micro-thermal. 

 6 for different situations guests reflex zone massage focused on "facilities operation."

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