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Why do the nutrition advice to eat eggs every day?

Updated: Monday, Aug 31,2015, 4:36:03 PM
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As a division, often to the community, schools, enterprises and institutions to carry out health lectures. Often asked: what do you eat for breakfast? My answer is: breakfast to eat the staple food, such as all kinds of Cereals, porridge, eat cold dishes, plus a fruit. Finally, don't forget to remember to eat an egg.

Eggs, inexpensive and healthy food. Everyone can afford to eat, eggs are rich in quality protein, especially the nutrition of egg yolk, 10 million don't eat egg yolk, inside rich in lecithin, some people say, I go to eat now directly purified soybean lecithin on the line, why want to eat eggs? This is because the egg yolk provided by lecithin in the human body in the absorption rate is the highest, while the plant provided by the lecithin, its absorption rate is the difference between the absorption rate of lecithin and egg yolk. So choose to add lecithin, but also eat eggs.

That was first found in egg yolk lecithin, an egg lecithin contains about 10%. The human body has enough lecithin, it means that has better immunity, metabolism and vitality of life.

Egg lecithin can protect brain cells healthy and normal function, protect brain cells healthy hair of the blind, and enhance the vitality of the brain, reflect for quick thinking, strong learning ability, have fall blood pressure, lower cholesterol, regulating endocrine, eliminate menopausal syndrome, anti-aging, prevention of senile dementia and other effects.

Lecithin also has the function of protecting liver, keeping blood vessels open, and promoting the development of nervous system in infants and young children.

Bear seedling nutrition tips:

Did not expect a small egg, there are so many effects. Every day to work with mental work, the Internet, must remember to eat an egg every day oh!

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