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Prostatic hyperplasia eat what good

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 02,2013, 3:54:21 PM
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Prostatic Hyperplasia is manifested mainly as frequent urination, more frequent at night, which affects sleep, afterwards the urine stream can be seen having got narrower, the range having got shorter and the time for urination having lasted longer, and distending pain in the lower abdomen, It falls in TCM into the category of "long bi" (retention of urine).
Common Types of Syndromes
Deficiency-cold of the Lower-jiao   Manifested as frequent urination, bradyuria, dripping urination, cool extremities, soreness of the loins and legs, pale tongue, deep and thready pulse.
Stagnation of Damp-heat Manifested as difficulty in urination, dripping urination, unbearable difficulty and pain in micturition, distending pain in the abdomen, yellow and greasy fur, slippery and rapid pulse.
Dietetic Chinese Drugs
Polished glutinous rice (Semen Oryzae Glutinosae) Make pancakes with the flour of polished glutinous rice "and take a right amount of it with yellow rice or millet wine at bedtime. It is used to treat frequent urination resulting from prostatic hyperplasia.
Plantain seed (Semen Plantaginis) Decoct 15g of it and take the decoction as a drink. It is used to treat prostatic hyperplasia marked by the type of stagnation of damp-heat.
Waxgourd (Fructus Benincasae) Make 1500ml of soup out of 500g of waxgourd and take it in three separate doses. It is applicable to prostatic hyperplasia marked ,by the type of stagnation of damp-heat.
Towel gourd (Fruetus Luffae) Grind it into powder after being burned but nature-retaining old towel gourd, which is. to be taken with warm boiled water, 5 to 10g each time. Its indications are the same as those of waxgourd.
River snail (Cipangopaludina Chin, nsis) It is to be eaten boiled. Its indications are the same as those of waxgourd.

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